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The best pizza anyplace between King of Prussia and Pottstown?

MizYellowRose Apr 18, 2011 07:36 PM

I picked this geographical range because our daughter and son-in-law recently moved to the area and their work/home area is within those towns.

What is your favorite pizza in that general area? I'd like to hear about your favorites and why you like them so much. They recently moved there and we'll be visiting often. They've yet to find a pizza place that they really, really like. Thank you for your help!

  1. RC51Mike Aug 9, 2012 07:40 AM

    Vecchia's Pizza in Phoenixville is fairly new and has excellent thin crust pizza from a wood fired oven.

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    1. re: RC51Mike
      94Bravo Aug 9, 2012 12:13 PM

      I've heard nothing but good things about Vecchia, but people who are headed there expecting an American style pizza with tons of cheese and toppings will be disappointed. Their menu is like 4 pizzas and two of them are Margherita.

      1. re: 94Bravo
        RC51Mike Aug 9, 2012 12:32 PM

        Pizza style is a touchy subject but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes, pizza only, one with mozz di bufala. Extra cheese, sopresseta and anchovies only extra toppings. Definitely not a typical American style pizza, or pizzeria for that matter.

    2. l
      littlecmad Dec 2, 2011 05:27 PM

      In Pottstown, Little Italy/Pourhouse is a great place. It used to be a dive but not its a great place to hang out, with family or watch a game and the food, service, and atmosphere are all very good. All of the Pizza's are excellent.

      1. yummykimmy Apr 20, 2011 06:19 PM

        I like Mimmo's in Phoenixville, seems closest to NY pizza...here's a link to reviews of pizza in the phoenixville area....http://oneninefoursixzero.com/categor...

        Good luck finding a good pizza fit for you!

        1. smobron Apr 20, 2011 12:22 AM

          Taking a different direction to go between King of Prussia and Pottstown ...I would vote for Roccos in Exton .....

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          1. re: smobron
            94Bravo Apr 20, 2011 05:09 PM

            My 4 absolute favorites in the region you specified:

            Bridgeport: Franzone's
            East Norrition: Charlie's
            Limerick: Penny's
            Pottstown: Ice House

            1. re: 94Bravo
              phdfoodie Apr 23, 2011 12:49 PM

              Ice House (also called Little Italy) also has an amazing cheesesteak - it's made with a cheese sauce (not Whiz, it must be their own concoction). You can get it with or without tomato sauce. The clientele/atmosphere is a little bit dicey though. Definitely better for takeout.

              1. re: phdfoodie
                obx_nancy Apr 25, 2011 11:05 AM

                Ice House and Little Italy are two different places.

                Ice House is on Manatawny Street and Little Italy (connected to the PourHouse) is on High Street. I agree, Little Italy does have a good cheesesteak!

                Little Italy's
                306 Roseberry St, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865

                1. re: obx_nancy
                  littlecmad Aug 9, 2012 07:33 AM

                  I also like The Little Italy in Pottstown, PA! Especially the Cheese Steak Pizza!
                  Phillipsburg, NJ is no where near King of Prussia or Pottstown.

          2. c
            Capiree Apr 19, 2011 07:54 PM

            Gino's on Ridge Pike in Jeffersonville makes a great stromboli and very good pizza

            1. m
              MizYellowRose Apr 19, 2011 02:19 PM

              Great suggestions, everyone! Thank you for taking the time to pass along your favorites. I will pass along this info to our daughter and son-in-law!

              1. o
                obx_nancy Apr 19, 2011 09:17 AM

                Penny's Pizza on Ridge Pike in Limerick is good. Has been around for a long time with very loyal followers.

                Palermo's is a small chain of pizza shops, Phoenixville, Royersford that has really good pizza, along with sandwiches and platters.

                I live close to Pottstown and our go to pizza shop is Giovanni's on Rt. 724.

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                1. re: obx_nancy
                  mitchh Apr 19, 2011 10:02 AM

                  -1 on Franzones. Their sauce is just too darn sweet for my taste.

                  Also a -1 on Penny's. Everyone raved about how good it was and I thought it was some of the worst pizza I have ever had.

                  Valley Forge Pizza in Phoenixville is very good though.

                2. i
                  iluvpizza Apr 19, 2011 09:13 AM

                  In our family, we really like Charlie's Pizza, in Swede Square Shopping Center at Germantown Pike and Swede St (or Markley St.) in East Norriton. They have a Red Top pizza that is the best. The crust is crisp but toothy and the sauce is also on the sweet side. We always loved Franzone's but now think that this is even better.

                  1. m
                    malkazanie Apr 19, 2011 06:37 AM

                    I've just discovered the wonder that is Franzone's, which has a Bridgeport location (right next to KoP). It's very unconventional pizza - sweet, sweet sauce and cheddar in the cheese - but the crust is to die and the whole thing together is very crave-worthy.

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                    1. re: malkazanie
                      paychecktoday Apr 19, 2011 07:50 AM

                      +1 franzone's

                      1. re: paychecktoday
                        doxiemom Apr 20, 2011 12:36 PM

                        +2 on Franzone's

                      2. re: malkazanie
                        chele78 Dec 2, 2011 11:05 AM

                        Franzone's is much too sweet. We tried it once & just couldn't eat it. It's not for everyone.

                        1. re: malkazanie
                          cgarner Aug 9, 2012 08:57 AM

                          Franzone's is one of those "love it or hate it" places

                          I am in the "love it" camp! but it's definately polarizing because it's not really your "traditional" plain pizza.

                          1. re: cgarner
                            cwdonald Aug 9, 2012 10:51 AM

                            The sweetness of the sauce to me is something that I could never overcome.

                            Charlies is very good.. I think that is a great example of a small place that innovated and makes a unique pie.

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