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It's been years since I've been there...this is a very special trip. Would love your insights.

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Hi there. I am so glad I found you !
I visited Paris a few times but had to stop in 2007 once my Dad succumbed to Alzheimers Disease. The money I used to spend yearly trips to Europe is now being spent on bi-monthly trips to spend time with my Dad and support my Mom before this horrible disease takes him forever.
Ironicly I was the guest speaker at an Alzheimer Gala and actually won a trip to Europe. I am taking the cash equivalent of a week in Casa deSol Spain and am spending extra $$$ and turning it into a 3 week trip to France for my best friend and I. This trip was a special gift and I want to make the most of the time I will be there. I will be arriving just before the Paris Sales in June and am looking forward to buying some amazing shoes. Ladies, if you have any shoe shopping suggestions I would love to hear them. I believe I will be staying near the Luxenbourg Gardens for 8 to 10 days. Then down to Lyon, over to Nice and then Milan Italy. While in Paris I would like to take a trip out to Cherbourg. I remember a great little place on Quai de Caligny where the oysters blew my mind...so I would like to go back there.
I would also like to take a tour of the Chateau region (or is it worth the trip?). Mostly I want to walk and nibble and walk and drink coffee and walk and have lunch and then nap and go out for the evening....I would love any local nightclub or evening-out-on-the-town suggestions. I am a huge fan of the amazing lunches and plan on spending my food money on small cafes and bistros. I'm more than happy to have supper at my lodging. My Dad was stationed in Germany and he absolutely loved France. We always talked about going there together. So I'm taking this trip for the both of us. I have 2 days in Lyon and want to do the same...walk and eat. In Nice I would just like to chill around the Promenade. I've never been to Milan so if you have any suggestions I will listen. It has been a harrowing year since my wonderful Dad was admitted and I am looking forward to being good to myself in a city and a country that I am madly in love with and healing my soul. I have agreat deal of respect for those of you who post on this site and I am looking forward to your suggestions.
Thank you so much for your kindness and consideration.

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  1. I was just in Lyon and it is a great place for walking and eating. This thread has a lot of great suggestions:
    Restaurants we particularly liked were Chez Georges (a very traditional, convivial little bouchon), Le Bouchon des Filles (very good bouchon style food, especially loved the boudin noir en croute), and Magali & Martin (Austrian chef making French food, we liked it very much).
    For shoes, Galleries Lafayette has a mind-blowingly large selection. If you want a smaller boutique, there is a place called Onze on Oberkampf, between Voltaire and Beaumarchais, in whose windows I stare longingly every time I pass.