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Apr 18, 2011 06:04 PM

Staub Coq a Vin

I am just getting into the world of enameled cast iron and after a week or two of research, I ordered the staub coq a vin 6quart in grenadine. There was a deal for $200 where you got a staub 6q oval and 2 free mini cocottes as a bonus, but I couldn't find it in stock anywhere, so I went with the coq a vin.

Is there any difference between a requalr oval staub and the coq a vin besides the rooster knob?

Since I couldn't find the deal with the 2 bonus mini cocottes anywhere, I also ordered a set of 2 mini cocottes in basil. These are ceramic because I didn't want to pay the high price for the cast iron ones for something I don't know if I'll use a lot. I just thought they were cool, and I wanted to see what the basil color looks like in person. All of the staub colors look so nice online, I hope I can can find an excuse to buy more pieces. I think I am going to want to get some le creuset to try too. Decisions, decisions, lol....

Anyways...If anyone could tell me if there is a difference between the regular cocotte and coq a vin, and also help me think of some uses for the minis (plus recipes for the big one) it would be appreciated. Thanks

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  1. No difference, just the knob. But I do love the knob. Mine is blue.

        1. re: NotJuliaChild

          Thanks. I think I did see that one but I wasn't sure I liked that color versus the grenadine. My order is already on its way to me, can't wait to get it.

      1. I have the same coq au vin as you in grenadine--I LOVE that color!!! Have never seen the mini cocottes, so I googled to see what they look like and hit the jackpot for you re recipes--it's a list of recipes by shape of Staub, including the minis (and they do look so cool).

        I've used my coq au vin to make no-knead bread and a delicious pork roast Gio posted at Christmastime:

        ETA: Now I'm really curious what others use the minis for. I saw these pics at Williams Sonoma. Looks like you could use to serve soup or make a baked apple. I was thinking individual strata portions? Or indie quiche, too? Indie bread pudding. Ooh, now I really want these. Sapphire blue!

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          Thanks! I can't wait, my order is supposed to be here friday. Don't even have it yet and I'm trying to think of an excuse to buy more pieces. I am thinking of one of these:

          But....I don't want to buy more until I make sure I will get good use out of the pieces I already ordered.

          I have been thinking the mini cocottes would be good for desserts too. And since I got the ceramic ones...they will be able to be microwaved. BTW....the ceramic ones are a lot cheaper than the cast iron ones...~$37 for a set of two. I wonder in this case if there is any real advantage to cast iron vs ceramic since they're so small. I am thinking these little cocottes would be a good way to add more colors and get a feel for which ones I like before spending more $ on a big piece.

          Le Creuset has a recipe book of 25 recipes for mini cocottes. Anyone have it?

          1. re: ShawnPA

            Ooh! The other pieces are nice, too, but good idea to wait and see what you need for function rather than flair. ;) I understand completely and like to remind myself: window shopping is free! Enjoy your delivery day tomorrow and let us know what you make with your new toys! P.S. Will check out the ceramic minis as well--thanks for the tip! Oh, and I don't have the LC recipe book, but you might check over on the Home Cooking board and see if anyone weighs in. Ciao!

            1. re: kattyeyes

              What Le Creuset color do you guys think would look good with the staub grenadine color?