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Apr 18, 2011 05:39 PM

Asian food in Eugene, OR

Moving to Eugene for work. I'm a big fan of Asian cuisine can any Chowhounds suggest the best of Eugene for the following:

Dim Sum. I like the carts but anything would do.

Sushi. I am partial to nigiri and not monstrous rolls named after cities or states.



Korean BBQ.


Banh Mi.

"Chinese". Any sort of Cantonese, Mandarin, Hunan, Szechuan, Dumpling specialists, etc.

Boba drink places


Asian type Supermarkets (Ranch 99, Red Lion, Nijiya, Mitsuwa, etc.)

I do not have exceedingly high expectations for Eugene with regards to Asian food, I just want to know where I can find good eats.


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  1. I see. I guess I'll be driving to Portland often.

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    1. re: thirtyeyes

      Yes, we have slim pickings here. There are tons of Chinese restaurants in town, but I've never liked any of them, except a newish place by campus, East Meets West, that is okay. Several Thai restaurants, nothing really outstanding. Ditto sushi -- the favorite seems to be Sushi Domo. There's a new sushi place downtown that's getting good reviews and a new Izakaya place in Whitaker, but I haven't tried them yet. What we do have is pretty good Asian groceries -- try Sunrise on 29th or Yi Shen on 11th. We do a lot of cooking, and look forward to our trips to Portland.

      Sushi Domo
      1020 Green Acres Rd Ste 10, Eugene, OR 97408

      East Meets West Restaurant
      830 E 13th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401

      1. re: janella

        Thank you. Maybe I'll fill in the blanks when I get to know Eugene. Very sad, I was doing Pho once or twice a week.

        1. re: thirtyeyes

          Sad, but I guess I expected this as well. I'm moving to Corvallis in several months and was hoping that Eugene might have some options that Corvallis lacks. Portland it is.

    2. Maybe I have different tastes than the other repliers, but I think Eugene has a great variety of Asian restaurants - maybe not the fanciest, but good quality and good eats.

      While there aren't many outstanding Chinese restaurants, as mentioned, I think the sushi, Thai and Japanese options are worth mentioning.

      Some of my favorite Asian restaurants are:
      For sushi I recommend Sushi Pure, Izumi Sushi and Grill, or Sushi Mio - all three serve fresh, high quality fish sushi from the traditional spicy tuna roll to exquisite culinary creations that hardly fit in your mouth. Sushi Mio also serves a delicious Green Tea ice cream.

      For Thai, Eugene has the regular chains like Sweet Basil and Three Forks that serve up good go-to Thai food for the everyday, random lunch to also more local hangouts like Chao Pra Ya. But my favorite is the new restaurant in the Oakway Center called Sabai. It is a beautiful restaurant with a comfortable, natural setting - but above all the food is excellent. They serve food that is locally based using seasonal products.

      Also another stand out Asian restaurant in my book is Izakaya Meiji Company. It is located in the Whitaker Neighborhood. They serve Japanese influence foods and have the best list of whiskeys in town.

      Sweet Basil Cafe
      1021 W Northern Lights Blvd, Anchorage, AK 99503

      Sweet Basil's Cafe
      271 N Hemlock St, Cannon Beach, OR 97110

      Izakaya Meiji Company
      345 Van Buren St, Eugene, OR 97402

      1. Dim Sum? Nope. Even Portland is a stretch here. Seattle is more like it.

        I will echo those above on sushi. I am partial to Sushi Domo or Izumi. Had a very bad experience with some funky fish at Mio.

        As for Izakaya, there's not a place that specializes in grilled meats like a traditional Japanese Izakaya. There is, however, a newish place called Izakaya Meiji in the Whiteaker neighborhood that is a whiskey bar with some Japanese and American snacks. It's good.

        Yakitori? Not so much. But we have a place called Toshi's Ramen that is a pretty authentic Hokkaido-style (think butter and corn) ramen restaurant. Highly recommended.

        No Korean BBQ. Not even a half-decent Korean restaurant at all. Can't think of one in Portland either.

        Pho....there is a place on the west side of Eugene that specializes in Vietnamese....have never tried it. No idea if they have Banh Mi, either. If you DO go to Portland, go to Bunk Bar and try the Pork Belly Banh Mi. AMAZING.

        Chinese in town is Meh. Lots of cornstarch. Have not tried East Meets West.

        Boba = bubble tea? Have seen that around, although I don't remember where.

        Thai, we have. Lots of. TONS of. Several of them are really good. One that hasn't been mentioned here is Kuraya's in Springfield. Lots of good stuff there. Can also recommend Ring of Fire, which isn't a Thai restaurant as such, but has mostly Thai dishes. Good stuff.

        There is are two Asian markets I can think of. The one I like is on 28th near Willamette across the street from Rite-Aid and next door to Chapala. Lots of yummy stuff in there. There's a Uwajimaya store in Beaverton as well. (Maybe not Beaverton, but in one of the Portland burbs.)

        Hope that helps.

        Toshi's Ramen
        1520 Pearl St, Eugene, OR 97401

        Sushi Domo
        1020 Green Acres Rd Ste 10, Eugene, OR 97408

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        1. re: JDBear

          Oh yeah, I forgot Toshi's Ramen! I love that place and eat there regularly. We also just had a really good meal at Pure -- great bowl of udon and good sushi.

          Toshi's Ramen
          1520 Pearl St, Eugene, OR 97401

        2. So you can take this with a grain of salt, we are on the snob end of the spectrum at our house, one person is ethnic Chinease from SE Asia, one person is a left coaster, both of us love to cook and eat and have lived in much bigger metro places.

          There is nothing of any sort of "Chinese" worth eating here in Eugene unless it's homecooked. I'll preface that by saying that we haven't tried East Meets West but given the run of down right horrible food we've encountered, I'm gun shy. So that knocks off half of your list.

          For sushi I would have said the same, unless you are into Korean style sushi for Americans (big rolls, served on boats, lots of deep fried and cream cheese). But I've been to the new place on Willamette, Kamitori, 3 times in the last 3 weeks and been very happy with the nigiri. Very happy. The cooked food has been a mixed experience, maybe the kitchen is finding its feet. The katsudon suffers the same fate as that at Izakaya Meiji for us, too thick, too lean, and too dry. Their dashi is homemade and I had high hopes for the soba but found it meh. You may think differently. The miso soup is fabulous, and so is the seaweed salad (it's not the dyed stuff you get in the cheapie sushi places). I met a friend for lunch there on Wednesday and had a serious headcold and didn't want to eat sushi that I couldn't taste very well. I went with the garlic kara-age (and because I couldn't resist, upgraded to have 3 pieces of nigiri and some miso soup). It was really good. I had my friend taste it to make sure I wasn't just high on cold meds. She agreed. It had layers of white, skin and dark, and was deep fried perfectly. The sauce was the Japanese version of "garlic" so it was mild, but that's true to style. There was no cornstarch to be found. Check them out.

          There is no true Izakaya or Yakitori place, but you should try Izakaya Meiji. When they first opened we had 3 really fabulous meals there. The bar puts out decent cocktails and the snacks were pretty good (I liked the shrimp gratin, the fries, the kara-age, the non-trad rice balls, the chicken meatball skewer thing that was on the menu last summer). Then our last meal wasn't really great, and we didn't go for a while, and then tried again and there was a 45 minute wait (fine for grown ups, kills the possiblity if you're dining with the 3 and under set). One half of the couple was on maternity leave and I am hoping the meh meal was just a one-off.

          Vietnamese is out. Go to Portland for banh mi and pho. The couple that run Yi Shen are super nice and we buy a lot of our Asian groceries from them because they're close and we like them. But the food is not to our taste. It's at an insanely low price point though, and very popular. Sunrise has a much wider selection of groceries and we go there when we can't get what we want at Yishen.

          There are a lot of "Thai" places here in Eugene, not sure what you like. Most of the restaurants slant their food to what their customer base wants here in town (sweet, sweet, sweet, bell peppers and dried ground chilli for hot...not very much fresh chilli to be found). That being said, we get the "Thai fried rice" from Drum Rong Thai (cart on Blair) all the time. It tastes like stuff we've eaten in Thailand, right down to the crispy bits of egg and sliced gai lan. Visitors from SF were surprised by how good it was and the fact that it is so cheap (6.50). We also like some of the friend noodle dishes, like the pad see ew (made with beehoon, not fresh rice noodles). We usually skip the curries because we do it better at home.

          I'm not a huge fan of Ring of Fire, but I do enjoy two things from their lunch menu. The laarb and the yum woon sen. Both have a very Thai taste and you can get fresh chillies in fish sauce. The rest I wouldn't bother with.

          There are two Korean restaurants we eat at but I wouldn't call them the be all and end all, the demand just isn't here. But we enjoy the food from Noodle Bowl and Cafe Arirang. Noodle bowl does a decent bibimbop that makes me happy. Cafe Arirang is more hit and miss but when it's a hit it's pretty good. I think they're worth checking out, but it will depend on how desperate you are (we are!).



          Noodle Bowl
          860 Pearl St, Eugene, OR 97401

          East Meets West
          830 E 13th Ave, Eugene, OR‎, Eugene, OR

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          1. re: trillium

            Thanks for the tips. I've been working a lot (new job) so not much time to experiment yet. I've done Sushi Domo on Oak St and Izumi. I hate to say it but both were fairly average. Sushi Domo a bit better than Izumi. I am still new and trying to find a sushi bar where the itamae will actually talk to you and not give you a slip of paper and a pen.

            My next stop was going to be Pure, but maybe I will try Kamitori. I only eat rolls named after monsters, cities, or states when I am out with sushi newbies and even then reluctantly. I really miss Kaito Sushi near San Diego.

            I also really miss Pho. I had been going weekly for years. Is a 2 hour drive too much for a $6 bowl of soup?

            I found Toshi's to be almost bad? Did I hit it on a bad night? The Cha Su was terrible, but maybe I'm just partial to the style with the almost boiled egg half, the hanjuku. I also prefer the tonkotsu broth.
            I just heard about Noodle Bowl and will also give it a try.

            I was amused to find an all you can eat Mongolian BBQ place in town, near a Target. It was as if someone yanked a restaurant out of the late eighties and plopped it down. It was bearable if you mixed your sauces right and asked the kid at the griddle not to douse with the teriyaki water bottle.

            I went to Cafe Lucky Noodle and while I found it odd that a Italian/Thai restaurant exists, it really wasted too bad. I am not very knowledgeable on Thai, though.

            Best regards,

            Cafe Lucky Noodle
            207 E 5th Ave Ste 100, Eugene, OR 97401

            Noodle Bowl
            860 Pearl St, Eugene, OR 97401

            Sushi Domo
            1020 Green Acres Rd Ste 10, Eugene, OR 97408

            1. re: thirtyeyes

              Go to Kamitori, now, while it's still good, before Eugene ruins it. Sit at the bar and talk to the guy. Get nigiri or even sashimi. The fish is that good. He gets deliveries 3 times a week (from east coast, west coast and Japan). I don't like being a jerk about people's favorite places, but I won't eat Sushi Domo even when it's free.

              No, you didn't hit Toshi's on a bad night. The char siu is terrible. I won't eat the hot ramen there but the noodle 'ho in the house will when he's desperate. I usually get the cold ramen dishes in the summer and grumble and get the chicken terriyaki (I am not a terriyaki fan) in the winter.

              I get the same damn thing every single time at Noodle Bowl (the chicken bibimbop) so I can't really vouch for anything else except the kim chi ji gae. The Korean fried chicken made me sad (over fried to the point of jerky, sweet sauce).

              Noodle Bowl
              860 Pearl St, Eugene, OR 97401

              Sushi Domo
              1020 Green Acres Rd Ste 10, Eugene, OR 97408

          2. We had a really good Thai lunch at Sabai Cafe and Bar in the Oakway Center. A bit more expensive than most but hands down better than anything else around in our opinions. Pad kee mow was terrific.