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Apr 18, 2011 04:57 PM

casual dinner near emory campus?

hello all!

philly hound here- ill be staying at the emory inn with family wednesday night through sunday morning and was hoping you all could give me some tips for a easy casual (and cheap) dinner in the area. sorry for being vague here- i guess im looking for something where reservations arent necessary but that isnt a hole in the wall either. ill be with my parents, and while im quite forgiving of a lack of decor if the food is good, they are not

when i checked rise n dine's website a few weeks ago, they were serving dinner- this would have been perfect but alas they went back to breakfast/lunch only so thats no longer an option. its still on the itinerary for lunch tho

i saw a few indian spots were mentioned on recent threads as being good options- what are your thoughts on these, specifically saravana bhavan? the one(s) in manhattan are pretty good, but im not a huge fan of indian food and cant help feeling that if ill be in atlanta, i should really go for something more southern.

thanks for any help!! and we will have a car and willing to drive a bit- maybe 15-20min

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  1. Taqueria del Sol in Decatur.

    Farm Burger...across the street.

    You might try Watershed too (next to Farm Burger). More upscale but in a casual setting. Southern.

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      thank you- taqueria del sol sounds great

    2. Community BBQ. It's inexpensive, Southern, and they do some really good vegetable sides from local produce. The BBQ is great too.

      1. Cakes and Ale, Iberian Pig, Leon's Full Service and Brickstore Pub would likely meet those requirements as well. We just had a great meal at Rosebud, which would be 15 or so minutes from where you will be.

        The Iberian Pig
        121 Sycamore Street, Decatur, GA 30030

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          FWIW, if the Inn is either of the hotels on Clifton near Emory, there's no way it's 15 minutes to Rosebud. Maybe half that- Clifton to Briarcliff, L to Johnson then R, and maybe 1.5 mi up Johnson. You could check out their new pub across the street and Alon's while you're there.

          Also, if OP cooks at all, a trip (if even just to look) at DeKalb Farmer's Market is warranted. There aren't many other places like it in the US (Central Mkt in Austin is the only one I've been to). Keep in mind that they tend to stock up some stuff more for the weekend rush.

          1. re: ted

            i do cook and normally id love to make a trip to dekalbs (ive also been to central mkt as i spent a year living in dallas)- but since ill have my family in tow, i think ill skip out on this trip. thanks for the heads up tho

        2. I agree with sticking with the downtown Decatur square, which is close by to your inn. You can park near the square and choose from a variety of restaurants--with shops and pubs mixed in. Taqueria del sol is fantastic, although you have to wait in line. Watershed is sit down and excellent (make reservations). Farm Burger is casual and you wait in line to order. There's also a good Thai place in the square, along with Raging Burrito which has great pineapple jerk chicken burritos and a fun patio in back. Top it off with a beer from Brickstore Pub or frozen yogurt from Yogurt Tap. And make sure you make time for a walk through some of the parks on the Emory campus--amazing and it's perfect weather right now.

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          1. re: ebennettatl

            thank you for the suggestion! sounds lovely- we'll be without a car tomorrow night, so we'll probably take a cab into downtown decatur square and eat at farm burger

            we were also thinking of heading to the atlanta fish market, which was recommended by a friend, but this sounds a bit more leisurely. we'll probably be tired after travelling during the day

            1. re: InSearchOfTacos

              Sure. Atlanta Fish is fine but far from where you are (and it's not as if we're on the coast). I'd suggest Wahoo! in Decatur instead--cute, charming, good fish, and close by from your Inn. You'll want reservations as people drive from all over Atlanta to eat there. And check out this site for maps, etc.

              1. re: ebennettatl

                ah, ya the main reason i wanted to go there was bc my friend made the recommendation, but it sounds less than ideal for tomorrow night. esp since its far from where we'll be. will probably stick to the original plan of farm burger, walking around, and frozen yogurt- but thank you for your help! ill be sure to report back on where we end up

          2. ended up at watershed for our first dinner after seeing that farm burger was packed

            watershed was quite lovely- service was very friendly and the food was satisfying (and different)

            -started with the crawfish pies for an appetizer. little half-moon pastries filled with crawfish and an awesome, slightly spicy cajun sauce. these were deep fried very nicely- not greasy at all

            - i had the beet salad (good but not memorable), shared the deconstructed seafood jambalaya (again, very tasty but how can you go wrong with good seafood) and a side of mac and cheese (again, delicious, but how can you mess up mac and cheese)

            - parents shared the wedge salad (they seemed to enjoy it) and the vegetable farroto (sp?)which was very creamy and cooked well- which is not easy to do with a risotto, let alone a farroto

            - desserts: coconut cream pie, pecan pie and chocolate cake. i had the coconut cream pie- this is one of my favorite desserts and this version was enjoyable, but i do wish there was less whipped cream and more custard. the tart shell was very nice tho- as was the shell on the pecan pie (which i otherwise found too sweet but i find all pecan pies too sweet)

            there's a reasonable chance that we'll be back here which case ill be getting the fried oyster appetizer :) definitely my favorite part of the jambalaya. its nice to see some of these items on the menu- dont ever get this kinda stuff in philly- although there is a cajun place in reading terminal mkt that i love