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Apr 18, 2011 04:12 PM


I'll preface this with an admission that I'm not an expert on authentic Mexican...

The space is very cool- bar facing the water, no TVs, nicely decorated throughout the whole restaurant. Much lighter and more open feeling than say, Tico. No drink menus yet so they were passing around ipads. Tons of tequila, taps for Modelo, Negra Modelo, obligatory Sam Adams, XX, maybe a few more. Nothing crazy in bottle either (no Pacifico, which is my Mexican waterbeer of choice)

Our bartender was, how should I say this, inexperienced. DC ordered a cocktail which was made from a printed out recipe and I saw her asking other bartenders for direction. No jiggers, no measuring. However, I could tell that there were people back there who knew what they were doing. I managed to get the attention of the woman who appeared to be the bar manager and she talked me through some sipping tequilas settling on the Chinaco Reposado which I liked.

App- The Tacos Asador (2). Skirt steak was juicy and flavorful and I think that the thick avocado slices are a nice way to "dress up" a traditional taco. I'm not sure how I feel about what looked like lettuce (I'm a little hazy from sitting at the bar for 2.5 hours waiting for a table, the menu says cabbage) and radishes. Also ONE thick flour tortilla, like naan thick, which would actually keep me from ordering them again (is this a gordita shell?).

Costillas de Cordero, lamb was cooked to a juicy mid rare. Delicious. Served over chorizo and potatoes, maybe a little too salty but that could be me.
Enchiladas Verdes- nothing too exciting there, I thought they were OK but didn't seem remarkably different than something I might get at Border Cafe or Viva Burrito besides the use of creme fraiche instead of sour cream. Enchiladas are not something I usually order so I can't really compare. A poor ordering decision with all the other exciting stuff on the menu.
Table service was fine.

Overall- $80 for three beers, an app, and two entrees. The tacos at Tico, Angela's, or La Verdad are better. I haven't been to papagayo, lolita, or Mija. (these fauxmex places are multiplying like rabbits!). I would not go back for tacos unless they change tortillas, my entree was very good and there are definitely some other interesting-looking dishes. Bar manager seemed knowledgeable and was able to suggest a smoky/woody tequila for this scotch drinker so I was happy in the end despite the inexperience of our actual bar-server. I'll be back at least to explore the menu a little more.

Interested in hearing about the roast suckling pig, or any of the seafood entrees.

250 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210

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  1. do you know if they serve lunch?

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      They have a lunch menu, not sure if it's up an running yet. Worth a call I'd say.

    2. Had lunch there Saturday. It was actually the first day they were open for lunch, and a few glitches in service which the manager was VERY quick to resolve.

      Drinks - ordered the En Fuego and I have to say I'm in love with it. Spicy margarita that packs a punch but balanced so you're not hurting. DC had a Michelada which was nicely done but could have used a tad more spice to it. That's just my preference.

      Apps - split the squash blossom empanada which was excellent. Good balance of flavors and the texture of the empanada was lighter than I would have thought.

      Entree - I had the flautas. The chicken was tender and juicy while the shell crunchy. Loved it. My DC had the dorado fish tacos with beans and rice and he thought they were very good. The beans and rice were tasty and a step above what I've had at other restaurants.

      The atmosphere is fantastic here. On the water, a good vibe, service was excellent. If I had one complaint it was the food mix-up but again, it was resolved and our meal comp'd.

      I would highly recommend Temazcal and I plan to return very soon.

      250 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210

      1. I had lunch here on Sunday. It was our first visit, and we were pleasantly surprised. There are definitely still some kinks with the service, but I get the sense they're working those out. We sat at the bar, and there were 2 people working, plus one guy training. I recognized one of the bartenders from the Vintage Lounge - I remember liking him there, so I was pleased to see a familiar face.

        In terms of the food, it was quite good. The chips are great. The best I've had in Boston. The 3 different salsas they provide were pretty good. There was a basic tomato salsa (that probably could use a little more heat), a tomatillo salsa, and my favorite which was a black bean puree topped with cheese (maybe Cotija?). My DC got the enchiladas verdes. Fairly standard preparation of what I tend to think of as a very americanized dish, but it was still quite good. I got the carne asada, that also came with cheese enchiladas. The steak was really tender and flavorful, but the star of the plate was the sauce that was covering everything. I'm not sure what it was, but I need more of that in my life. They also brought us complimentary rice and black beans. Both meals came in at $18, which was a pretty good value considering the amount/quality of food. I ate my whole meal, and did not eat again for the rest of the day.

        Vintage Lounge
        72 Broad Street, Boston, MA 02110

        1. Disappointingly bland food. Had dinner at Temazcal last week (on the night of game 7 of the Stanley Cup). A very nice visual experience, but the food was nothing special. It was a gorgeous evening and one big wall opened up looking out on the bay. We arrived around 6:30 and had no problems getting a table. Using iPads to look at the menu was unique, but not necessarily any better than regular menus. Ordered one of their special cocktails to start. A little pricey at $14, but a very strong pour of the alcohol. We split an order of guacamole for an appetizer and focused on the main entrees.

          I ordered the roast suckling pig and my dining companion (DC) ordered the lamb. I was hoping that it would be a whole suckling pig. I was slightly disappointed when they told me that it wasn't a whole suckling pig. What they do is bring a roast pig on a cart to your table and then they'll carve off 6-8 oz of meat from anywhere left on the pig ($32). Since my DC wasn't willing to order the whole pigs head when we dined at Craigie on Main, this was my chance to try all the parts of the pig that you see Andrew Zimmer eating on Bizarre Foods. So when they brought over the roast pig, I asked the waitress to carve off cheeks, jowls, an eye ball, some brain, some skin, and then some regular meat from the shoulder and rib areas. The waitress was having problems finding and carving the pieces that I wanted, but fortunately, the chef was in the area. He pulled the head off the roast pig and quickly gave me all the different pieces that I requested. In addition to the meat, they give you some thick corn tortillas, rice and beans. As I tried all the different cuts of meat, it all tasted the same soft, mushy, bland flavor. My impression is that the pig was roasted in a manner that caused the meat to steam and then they roast the skin at the end to turn it a crispy brown. My DC commented similarly about her lamb ribs being flavorless. The serving portions were plentiful, but I had hoped for more character to the food. Dinner tab for two including one round of drinks and tip was around $130.

          Overall, there was nothing special about the food that would cause me to go back. I would go back for the atmosphere and a drink at the bar, but not for mexican food.

          Craigie on Main
          853 Main Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

          250 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210

          1. Remember the car salesman friend of Kurt Russell in Used Cars when he said: "These prices are too (effing) high!". That applies to Temazcal and Papagayo. Service is horrible at Papagayo.

            283 Summer St, Boston, MA 02210

            250 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210