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Apr 18, 2011 03:43 PM

Cuyp Markt, Dappermarkt

I am planning to go the Albert Cuypmarkt and Dappermarkt during my upcoming visit next month. We'll have a kitchen, so I plan on cooking a few meals. I would love tips on the best stalls in either market; the best places to go for veggies, meats, fish and cheese (love cheese!). Thanks!

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  1. Hi Kat, Cuyp & Dappermarkt are regulair markets. If you really are a foodie you could better go on saturday to the organic market at the noordermarket (city center - jordaan with lot's of cheese) or at the waag (also saturday near red light district). Also nice is the puremarkt on sunday's on different locations in Amsterdam see

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      Hi hv, unfortunately I can't do the Sat markets because we arrive late in the afternoon one Saturday and leave early in the a.m. the next Sat. So, I'll only have the weekday ones. But, I will definitely try to go to the puremarkt since we'll be around on Sunday. I was also hoping to get better prices at the Cuyp or Dappermarkt than I'd find at a supermarket.

      1. re: Kat

        Dappermarkt is more original & less tourisiic than Cuyp. Prices Cuyp are almost level supermarket.

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          Albert Cuyp and Dappermarkt are both very much neighborhood markets, where the locals go to shop. Personally I don't think the Albert Cuyp market is touristy at all p but, like at any market, you have to know which stalls to go to for the best deals. There's a vegetable stall right at the beginning (on your right when you come from Ferdinand Bolstraat) that has some of the cheapest vegetables in the city. Also, Albert Cuyp markt has some nice foodie shops in the vicinity: Duikelman for kitchen supplies, Bakken met Passie for great breads and pastry, Yscuypje for lovely icecream, Emaillekeizer for unique enameled kitchenware.

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            Thank you for those suggestions!

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        Definitely going to Puremarkt; I just checked out the link you posted and it looks great! Thanks you for this suggestion.

      3. Just to kind of piggyback on this, I will be going to Albert Cuypmarkt on a Saturday, however we wont have a kitchen so we wont be looking to cook anything per se, however we will probably want to find some good cheese - maybe a good food stand or two

        also how close is Vleminckx Sausmeesters to the market, we must try those fries

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          At the cheese stalls at the Albert Cuypmarket you'll get some decent Dutch cheeses, however if you're looking for something a bit more special I'd recommend l'Amuse or Abraham Kef.

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            Dear Dapuma if you want good cheese go to the Noordermarkt on saturday. You can compensate the fries at the market for fries at Vlaams Friteshuis in de voetboogsteeg (heiligeweg). Best fries in town.