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Apr 18, 2011 03:31 PM

Searching for Le Creuset Eggplant Cassarole 2.5 qrt

Anyone know where I can find the 2.5 quart Le Creuset Eggplant cassarole??? New woould be nice, but even a used one in excellant shape will do. Thanks!

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  1. I see them on eBay every now and then. If you're looking for the cast iron one, they're pretty expensive.

    1. Good luck... you're likely going to pay upwards of $250 if you find one. They pop up on ebay once in a while, but the fruits and veggies have been out of make for a few years now and are quite expensive when they appear.

      1. There's a ceramic one, I think, on a Virginia Craig's list. It's got an old date but still looks like an active listing: I like the cast iron one that does appear occasionally on eBay, but can't justify the price.

        I have bought some inexpensive cast iron veggies over the years that I like just as much, from QVC and other places.

          1. The original comment has been removed