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Apr 18, 2011 03:00 PM

Oenotri for kids?

My wife and I are spending a night in Napa with our 3-year-old daughter. We have reservations for Oenotri for 5:30 p.m. (their first seating). Is this restaurant kid-friendly? Our young one is well behaved and we're usually in and out pretty quickly.

1425 1st St, Napa, CA 94559

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  1. Not really a small-child-friendly place, but you certainly have the best chance of success by going early.

    If you decide to alter your plans, a few very kid friendly Napa spots:
    Oxbow Market (get food at Pica Pica or elsewhere and sit at the communal tables, then Kara's cupcakes)
    Pizza Azzurro
    Norman Rose

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    1. re: Junie D

      Thanks for the helpful suggestions. We'll definitely check out Oxbow Market.

      1. re: oaklandguy

        What day of the week? If other than a Friday or Saturday evening it should be more comfortable.

      2. re: Junie D

        Also at the Oxbow, Ca Momi if you are set on pizza. Oxbow is very kid friendly and there is often music on Friday nights. And Three Twins ice cream.

      3. Been there. In and out quick, early is a good plan. They have a great staff to accommodate. I would not call it entirely kid friendly, but if it's your chance to enjoy the place then go for it at that time. Just put in a pizza order when you sit down if needed and then take your time with other courses.

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          Thanks all for the input. Went there last night and had a great dinner. The staff was very accommodating and there was actually a family with two kids, including a baby, there at the same time (took the pressure off!).