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Apr 18, 2011 02:29 PM

Help: seeking Expert Passover Chef

I cannot find cake meal (made from matzoh meal) but i have matzoh meal that i can grind in blender. wull this work for my sponge cake?

When you make homemade matzoh balls do you cook them in water or chicken broth?

Happy Pesach!

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  1. I cook my matzoh balls in canned chicken broth, since you need a lot of liquid to cook the matzoh balls and it seems wasteful to use my precious homemade stock up that way. Don't use water though. In another pot I warm homemade chicken stock. When ready to serve, I ladle some homemade broth into a warmed bowl, and then use a slotted spoon to take a couple of the matzoh balls out of the canned broth pot and put them in the bowl.

    I have no guesses about the baking, but check the archives of the blog - Shoshana is a marvelous cook.

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        unlike Artemis I ( and all the generations in my family before me) cook matzo balls in salted water to rave reviews.

      2. I cook my matzah balls right in the soup. I often have vegetarians at my table, so I make a veggie broth, reserve some and make a chicken soup with the rest. One year, I didn't keep enough veggie broth in reserve and the matzah balls soaked up all of the liquid. No soup for you! BUT, the vegetarians claimed they were the tastiest and moistest matzah balls ever!