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Apr 18, 2011 01:19 PM

Thank you SD Chowhounds! Where we dined based on your recommendations...

I read all the postings about restaurants in the GasLamp district before I joined my husband at a conference at the Omni. I finally gave him good directions to Cafe Chloe, which he enjoyed for breakfast. He LOVED the coffee!
Friday night, we went to Cowboy Star. We split the fried sweetbread appetizer - my only complaint was that there was not more sweetbread. Otherwise, delish! Then we shared the porterhouse for two. EXCELLENT! They served it rare, like we ordered. They gave me a choice of veggies - I had spinach, he had peas. Came with mashed potatoes. I ordered bone marrow. The waiter forget to bring it so when I asked he brought it on the house. Closest thing to my fave dinner in Paris at L'AOC.
Next day we had breakfast at JSix. Good service - waiter always kept our water and coffee filled. The house smoked salmon was great.
We went to Neighborhood for lunch. Amazing selection of beers. Very good pub food! Friendly service. Wish I had something like this in my 'hood - West LA.
Dinner at Cafe Chloe. Another very good meal. Ordered a bacon tarte appetizer that was okay. Tomato soup was delicious, with a hint of spice. I had the steak frites. Fries are as addictive as people wrote! Hubby had the duck, which he demolished.
Next day, Sunday, we ate at Bread on Market. Okay pastries and a delicious cuban sandwich. Good coffee. Could be cleaner inside. The flowers on the tables were covered in gnats.
We also got ribeyes steaks at the butcher shop at Cowboy Star. Had them for dinner at home in LA. Excellent meat though lacking the in great crust we had at the restaurant!
Again, thank you fellow Chowhounds!

Cafe Chloe
721 9th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

JSix Restaurant
616 J Street, San Diego, CA 92101

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  1. Glad you had a good time Cowboy Star is so good . One of our cities finest IMO

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    1. re: chris2269

      I have to say...I eat out a lot and the 3 times I have been to Cowyboy Star, have NOT been good. Bad, snotty service, I got a steak served well that I ordered rare....and the last time the waiter was such a dick I almost punched him. The only time I emjoyed my experience was with Garth at the bar and I had short ribs.

    2. There's some very good food in West LA also. How would you say Neighborhood compares to Father's Office?

      I don't think you can really compare anything in LA to Cowboy Star though. Nothing in LA that is that good comes in at the price that Cowboy Star has. I'm glad that you enjoyed the visit!

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      1. re: karaethon

        Father's Office is enjoyable and the food is good, but you have to go to the bar to order, which means getting the bartender's attention. Also, unless you go in off times, seating can be difficult. We go to the Culver City location, haven given up on the Santa Monica one (though, back in my nightclubs days, we went there before heading out on the town - but that was pre Yoon days when the only food was pizza delivered from next door). I admit, we went to Neighborhood during a slow time - 1pm on Sat, but it was nice to just sit and be served. I found the food comparable. To us, it seemed like a more relaxed, less pretentious place that Father's Office.
        The beer selection is smaller, but it made it more manageable to order. IMO
        I just wish we had a porterhouse in LA like you guys get at Cowboy Star!

        1. re: xox

          Well, technically speaking I think you have a better one at Cut, but I think you're going to pay 3-4x more for it.

          I wouldn't trade Cowboy Star for any steakhouse in the US (maybe even the world?) in terms of quality to price ratio (yes including the renowned Peter Luger in NYC)

          1. re: karaethon

            I haven't been to CUT, but is their Prime Porterhouse, 34 oz, aged 21 days, corn fed, really any better than Cowboy Star's Myer Ranch prime porterhouse, 40 oz, aged 21 day days and corn fed? They don't have the prices online so I can't compare that element.

            1. re: xox

              I have eaten at Cut...the LV location. Also Craft Steak in LV and in NY and if you put a gun to my head and said take me to the best steak in the world or I will shoot you....not sure why anyone would do this but it's kinda the fantasy foodie film noir world I would like to live in. I would say Cowboy Star.

              1. re: chris2269

                LOL chris2269. I live in a world where everyone should be reading off the script I prepared! ;o)
                But glad to hear that Cowboy Star ranks as the best!

                1. re: xox

                  LOL and a good script it would be. :)

            2. re: karaethon

              CS really doesn't come close to PL's. Curious, what did you have at PL's?

              1. re: cstr

                It's been a long time since I made the pilgrimage to Peter Luger, but I was underwhelmed. A spectacle, sure, but as far as food goes it was just good.

                  1. re: cstr

                    I've heard that PL's is not the same anymore.

                    It has something to do with how long they age the beef. Apparently they were able to "get away" with aging their beef longer in the past, but now because of FDA regulations, they aren't able to age it as long

                  2. re: Fake Name

                    Bistecca Fiorentina at Il Latini in Florence is the best steak.

                    1. re: Josh

                      Specious claims like this are often made by the naive diner unfamiliar with El Boliche de Alberto in Patagonia. But I suppose one must forgive the unenlightened but well- intentioned.


                1. re: karaethon

                  Peter Luger was terrible when I had it. So overrated I should have listened to the NYC board.

                  Cowboy star was great the first two times I went, but the last time (about 3 weeks ago) was disappointing. The steak was tough and I get ribeyes only, so it's hard to make a ribeye tough. Wasn't that happy.

                  I prefer Mastros yes a chain but the quality has been consistent. And I've also been to Cut, but the one in Vegas. Had american wagyu excellent steak but you do pay for it.