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Apr 18, 2011 11:48 AM

Greektown at Easter - what's open?

I was thinking of hitting up Pape/Danforth this Easter (Friday or Saturday). Does anyone have any idea if stores will be open? I was thinking specifically of the greek bakeries and I wanted to finally try Folia Grill. I'll give them a call later in the week to check, but thought I'd ask here first...

Folia Grill
1031 Pape Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 3V9, CA

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  1. Easter is the most important religious holiday of the Greek Orthodox calendar. At least a few restaurants, and most businesses, will be closed on Good Friday. I would think more businesses would be open on Saturday than Friday.

    I'd recommend visiting the Greek bakeries by Thursday, if you want Easter Bread (Tsoureki). They're unlikely to be baking on Friday or Saturday, so if you bought one on Saturday, it'll already be a couple days old. I would expect Greek bakeries to be closed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

    If you want to call Folia, their number is (416) 424-2800 . They're a small shop, so I'd think they'd be quite likely to close for Easter weekend. Observant Orthodox Christians don't eat meat the week before Easter, so it wouldn't surprise me if their hours are shorter than usual this week, since there'd be less demand for grilled meat this week.

    If you look at the availability on , it looks like Pan and the Ouzeri plan to be open on Good Friday and Saturday.

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      Thanks Prima, I'll wander over on Saturday and try my luck.

    2. It's a total crap shoot even a little more difficult to predict since 2011 is a year when the orthodox Easter falls on the same day as the western Easter. In the past it's been all over the map, I've experienced the same restaurant doing the different things from year to year.

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        Agree, it's a crap shoot.

        To anyone travelling from outside the area, it's usually a good idea to call and check if the shops/restos are open before trekking to the Danforth. A fair number of Danforth restaurants don't update the information on their websites frequently, and with the slow economy over the past year, many restaurants have shortened the hours that they're open.