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Apr 18, 2011 11:40 AM

Sandwiches that need "rest"?

What sandwiches need time to rest, or incubate, to achieve their maximum flavor potential?

For example, I think a properly made Muffaletta needs to rest so as to allow the olive salad spread to soak into the crusty focaccia-like bread and meld with the other ingredients -- be they ham, salami, provolone, or whatever.

Most other sandwiches that I can think of, however, do not improve with a little aging. In fact, most if not all other sandwiches are best eaten after being made.

Is that true?

is the Muffaleta one of the few (only?) sandwiches that needs rest?

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  1. I'd put the Bay Cities Godmother in the category of needing a rest before eating

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    1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

      Yup - first one that came to mind. On the flip side for me is banh mi - eat asap.

      1. Hmm. The various "salad" sandwich fillings (egg, tuna, chicken, etc) do well with a bit of a rest before serving, but they're still great "fresh."

        1. personally, i love it when egg salad or chicken salad has a chance to rest - i like when the bread gets a little bit soggy on the inside... but not too much that it extends to the outside!

          1. Personally, I liked the simple McDonald's cheeseburgers in the bin for a little while, they tasted better to me.