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Apr 18, 2011 10:33 AM

Easter Cassata

Hi Everyone,
I am looking for a bakery in New Jersey that sells Cassata at Easter- I would love to buy some old school Italian pasteries, but it looks like I need to drive to Brooklyn for that. Are there any bakeries that exist in NJ? I am in the Union County/Summit area.... I am willing to take a nice drive, though, if it's worth it :)
Thanks, M

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  1. I don't hink you are going to need to drive to Brooklyn for what you want. I wont get into a discussion of quality - I'll leave that to others - but there are certainly places in Northern NJ that can fulfill your needs. I'm not sure about cassata, but I'd start by trying these three places.

    Randazzo's in Somerset

    Esposito's on Eagle Rock Ave in East Hanover

    Gencarelli's Bakery has two locations, Bloomfield and Wayne.

    Other Chowhounders may know places even closer.

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    1. re: bropaul

      Whoo hoo!! I just called Randazzo's & they are going to make it for me! Thanks so much for helping me... it's about a 30 min drive but it's worth it b/c I don't have to deal w/the traffic across the bridge into Brooklyn.
      Thanks again,

      1. re: MarieV75

        Great Maria! It's just past the Bridgewater Mall, so maybe you can do some shopping on the same trip.
        Buona pasqua!

        1. re: bropaul

          Thank you! Actually, I think I've passed this place before.. is it near the Somerville Circle?
          And, yes, you're right! I can bring my little bunny for a pic w/the Easter bunny at Bridgewater :)

          1. re: MarieV75

            Yes, it's on the left a block or two after the Somerville Circle.