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Apr 18, 2011 10:16 AM

baby friendly places in LA?

Hi All:

Sometimes we just cant get a baby sitter......

I have a 9 month old...very well behaved in public. If we have a highchair, we can sit him there, give him some baby snacks and he will be content. so no worries about a loud crying baby.

so.....when we take him out with us to eat, we take him to casual places....but wondering if there are any "nicer/better" places to take him for our dinner....

obviously places like Providence, Mellise, are a no no for sure..

Hatfields?....hmmm..probably not

Hungry cat?

Mastros. other steakhouses?

Rivera? probably not..

Pizzeria Mozza?

Animal, Laxy Ox? maybe....

are there any chowhound worthy places that we can take our boy with us?

Help! would love to eat a nice dinner on the fly once in a while with our boy! Thanks!

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  1. I would call any place you are seriously considering and check with them about a) the availability of high chairs (for instance I don't think Animal has them) and b) just to generally see how enthusiastic and welcoming they are on the phone about the idea.

    1. I once saw a lady breast feeding her child at a table @Craft. They must be very accommodating! (No Lie) They also have a nice outside area that may be easier for you as the weather turns nicer.

      1. In all the times I've been to Caioti Pizza Cafe in Studio City, I've never not seen children, ranging from newborns and toddlers to teens, and from couples to full-scale parties taking up two-thirds of the restaurant ... and i have never seen misbehavior.

        If child-friendliness can be measured by the reaction of a childless single to having kids in the restaurant with him ... I don't know what their secret is, but it works.

        10100 Constellation Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90067

        Caioti Pizza Cafe
        4346 Tujunga Ave, Studio City, CA 91604

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          Its a nice story. I'm surprised you haven't heard it. Caioti's salad dressing is rumored to induce labor in women who are overdue. While this is considered an urban legend it is true that every time I go to Caioti there is at least one family with a baby there. While Caioti doesn't fit the "upscale" label they do have really good pizza, pasta, and, of course, salads.

        2. I took my first son, who was less than 2 at the time to Campanile. Luckily my Mother-in--law was also with us, so one of us was watching him and entertaining him at the same time. Perhaps a few diners gave us the stink eye, when after our meal, we let him wander a bit (not by peoples tables, but in the front of the courtyard area, b/c he was fascinated with the fountain), but we never let him disturb other people.

          Basically, LA is a super casual town, there are only about 4 or 5 places that are still formal now, so as usual, Servorg's advice is spot on, call the place you're considering, to give them a heads up and inquire as to whether a young child would be welcome. Most ethnic restaurants would never dream of turning you away, it's mainly the trendy spots where adults go to drink and forget about small kids that will be a bit problematic, in that you'll get dirty looks or the resto just won't be as accommodating.

          624 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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            PS - other places we've taken him or them as small children : Geoffrey's (brunch is a good time to introduce kids to fancier places), Jer Ne (Ritz Carlton in MDR), Chart House, Buca di Beppo, Gladstones, El Tepeyac, I Cugini, & Border Grill.

            Now, a lot of these places are not considered CHOW favorites and were chosen simply on the proximity and ease of where we live, but as you know with a young child, sometimes you just need to get out, and the food is not always the star, it's just nice to get a break, and expose your little child to the fine art of dining out. Hey, we were all little at one time, and if my parents didn't start taking me out to steakhouses and luau places when I was 3, I probably would not have turned into the Chowhound I am today.

            Border Grill
            1445 4th St., Santa Monica, CA 90401

            I Cugini
            1501 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401

            El Tepeyac Cafe
            812 N Evergreen Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90033

          2. We took our 16 month old to Spice Table and they were as nice as can be. The place is a little small, but they really welcomed our kid. We also had a good experience at Lazy Ox. We had lunch outside and had the place to ourselves. Our child is very good at restaurants so we have been able to go to a lot of places. Even Parks BBQ.

            The only place we had a bad experience at was at Lukshon. The pretty much told us we weren't welcome (even though we were eating at 6pm and had reservations!).

            Spice Table is a really good choice. Thought the food was great and the service was good. The owners wife is Vietnamese and my wife ended up chatting with her for a bit.

            3239 Helms Ave, Culver City, CA 90034

            The Spice Table
            114 S. Central Avenue, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

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            1. re: bsquared2

              Wow. He's even a Nazi about kids in his place!!