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Unique, cool, unusual pizza toppings

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Hi.I'm having a pizza party in a few weeks and all the pies will be pretty straight forward.I'm trying to come up with one killer pizza that will make everybody flip! Here is my menu so far.
Sausage and rabe.
Potato with rosemary and anchovies
Quattro formaggi.
classic margherita

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  1. Caramelized onions, fresh thyme, Roquefort and proscuitto
    Dollops of garlic and cheese mashed potatoes with cubes of pancetta

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      You could add slices of pear to that one. (The onion/roquefort/proscuitto one)

    2. TVC15, great lineup so far.
      Over the weekend, I gave this spring-inspired pizza a try and it was very delicious!

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          You're slipping, ghg.

          It took you over 20 minutes from the time of the OP to dig out a search link ...


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            ha! yes, but only about 30 seconds from the time i first *spotted* the OP ;)

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              I think you should change your handle to "residentsearchguru" or "rsg" for short.

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            And even with your marvelous sleuthing skills, I believe the one I posted is new (?) could that be possible :>)

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              highly possible - i've been suffering from severe brain fog lately. glad someone's on the case to pick up my slack ;)

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                I hope its due to great work opps and business ventures!

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                  unfortunately no...but i appreciate the sentiment! :)

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                    I'll keep asking until the grand opening !

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                      you won't need to. trust me, i'll get the word out ;)

          3. Our favorite is swirls of both tomato and pesto sauce with artichoke hearts, cremini mushrooms, fresh mozzarella and goat cheese, and spinach.

            1. favourite unusual pizza topping: white anchovies: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jlunar/5...

              favourite, completely inauthentic, non-Italian, unusual topping: tandoori chicken (deboned), drizzled with raita- served at a chain restaurant of all places. Haven't made it at home, and haven't ordered it for years, but it's still on the menu, although it's now called a flatbread instead of a pizza. Not sure if they're still using the original recipe. Might give me an excuse to step foot inside: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jlunar/4... Mind you, since the rest of your pizzas sound interesting, but still have a traditional Italian flavour profile, this type of topping might not fit with rest of your menu.

              I also like arugula on my pizza (sometimes added after baking), and mixed wild mushrooms, which I enjoy even more on non-tomato sauced pizza.

              Noticed one pizzeria in Toronto offering fiddleheads as a topping recently, but I haven't tried it out yet.

              1. My favorite is brushing the dough with olive oil then topping with caramelized onions (sliced wafer thin), Gorgonzola and raw halved walnuts- then give it a good sprinkling of grey salt and a few good grinds fresh pepper. Sometimes I skip the pepper and top it with peppery arugula tossed very lightly in lemon juice and olive oil.

                  1. Meyer lemons - thinly sliced (regular lemons will also do, and I assume Seville(Marmalade) Oranges) -- Serious Pie in Seattle has this w/ just olives and red chili flakes.

                    Green Onions (scallions)-- sliced lengthwise and cut into 2 inch pieces -- especially good if you can get the large type, usually meant for barbequing, or even green (young) garlic

                    Both very delicious, imo.

                    1. roasted baby beets, gorgonzola...sometimes with pinenuts and/or capers. :)

                      1. I know it sounds odd, but this combo is my all-time favorite. And relatively *low-cal* as pizza goes....tee. Here in the Pacific Northwest we call it a *Friday Special*. Small shrimp meat (aka baby shrimp), mushrooms and sliced black olives. Don't knock it until you've tried it. I ordered one in Wisconsin recently, and friends I'd met there from Maine and Vancouver B.C. couldn't get over how delicious it tasted. Think I'll order a *personal* sized one for lunch :=)

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                          Sounds delicious! I love shrimp on pizza.

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                            Agreed. I love shrimp any way I came get them!

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                            I was just going to suggest some kind of seafood based pizza, but you beat me to it! Maybe with a white sauce?

                          3. Go for springtime ingredients: asparagus and wild mushrooms topped with eggs (they'll cook in the oven) and topped with shaved parmesan.

                            I feel like you're missing a spicy pizza. I like kimchi and cheese (my BF adds some kind of pork to his).

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                              I love this combination. Our last pizza was asparagus with mixed wild mushrooms and Fontina. The addition of eggs is a great idea! For a runny yolk, would you add them just for the last few minutes? I usually cook our pizza at 500 F for 10 or so minutes.

                            2. White pizza with artichoke hearts, Gruyere & (dry) sherried bechamel. No garlic, herbed crust.

                              Baked potato, caramelized onions & bacon, with or without pizza sauce.

                              White pizza with garlic, pesto, fresh mushrooms & ricotta. Not exotic, I know, but very tasty.

                              Lightly sauteed kale & shallots, with fresh tomato and tiny cubes of hard salami.

                              Grilled chicken, roasted red peppers, fresh rosemary and Cheddar.

                              1. combos i used to love:

                                -shrimp scampi pizza - shrimp, onions, garlic, parsley, butter sauce for base... can add parmesan or romano
                                -sundried tomatoes and ricotta cheese mixed into the tomato based sauce and dolloped on top with shards of basil; also use mozzarella, fontina, and romano as cheese toppings
                                -wild mushrooms, caramelized onions, roasted garlic, marsala walnut pesto, little mozzarella and gruyere or jarlsberg
                                -butternut squash, caramelized onions, sage browned butter sauce, jarlsberg, fresh sage to garnish
                                -crispy lentils, roasted onions and carrots, with a cumin/coriander sauce and parsley
                                -tomatoes, red onions, jack cheese or queso fresco, roasted cilantro
                                -olive oil base, cilantro lime chicken, mozzarella and jack cheese; served topped with fresh salsa, sliced avocado (for those who like it) and a dollop of sour cream... is this still a pizza?
                                -ratatouille with ricotta and mozzarella (or feta if preferred)

                                1. My absolute favorite has a story to it. Years ago I was in Berlin and took to giggling when I passed a Pizza Hut that said "spargel lovers pizza" (spargel being asparagus). Later that day I was sitting outside in a cafe looking at their dinner menu and sipping on a riesling when the waitress told me the special of the day was spargel pizza. Clearly it was a sign so I ordered it. I now make it all the time. Instead of a sauce, I smear the crust with creme fraiche. Then I top with sliced raw leeks, thinly cut ham, blanched bite-sized pieces of asparagus, and monterey jack. It's embarrassingly good.

                                  Of course, I also made a Thai chicken pizza the other day for a special request, and it wasn't bad either!

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                                    Your spargel pizza sounds great--I was hoping to see and asparagus idea on the list. Too bad that during my time in the Czech Republic, the Pizza Hut there was on a hot dog chunk with corn pizza kick. :( I should have hopped a train north.

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                                      The link I provided up thread uses shaved asparagus spears as one of the toppings. I made it for my family this past weekend and we loved it.

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                                        Oooh, that it one good looking pizza! Thanks for bringing it to my attention--I missed it somehow on my scan of the thread.

                                  2. These are our current faves -
                                    Carameiized onions, sun-dried tomatoes and goat chese.
                                    Maple-syrup roasted butternut squash, cut in small pieces, gorgonzola, topped with fresh arugula
                                    Artichoke hearts, pesto, feta, parmesan

                                    1. Fig, prosciutto and goat cheese works for me.

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                                        Was just going to suggest fig! Goat, fig, and caramelized red onions would be good. (On a white pizza)

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                                          We've always done it on the charcoal grill (dough directly on the hot grate, oiled side down first then flipped,) so the goat cheese is spread on the hot crust as a stand in for sauce.

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                                            Very clever. I'm gonna borrow that idea next weekend.

                                      2. Eggplant parm pizza-Trader Joes sells frozen eggplant cutlets, they are actually pretty small. defrost and bake on a pizza (might have to prebake the cutlets) with sauce, mozz, a little parmesan.

                                        1. If you are gonna get crazy, I love this combo and it would work nicely (a riff on a Susan Spicer sandwich)
                                          * shredded smoked duck
                                          * caramelized red onion
                                          * jalapeƱo jelly
                                          * cashew butter

                                          (I do mine in puff pastry which I roll but it would work just fine on a white pizza.)

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                                            If you're "rolling" out the puff pastry (heehee), maybe a dessert pizza?

                                            Cinnamon-sugar pastry dough (rolled like a pizza) baked, then spread with Nutella and topped with fresh sliced strawberries.

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                                              If loving that idea is wrong, I don't want to be right.

                                          2. Conch with garlic. Requires a bit of travel, but worth it.

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                                              I love dandelion greens thrown on just about any hot pizza

                                            2. Quail eggs, Canadian bacon, and cheddar.

                                              1. The pizza place near me in nyc has a crazy "salad pizza" this summer- thin crust with sauce baked. Then topped with arugala/spinach, cherry tomatoes, onions, fennel, an olive oil/vinegar drizzle and shaved fresh parm. Makes a big pretty pile ontop of the whole pizza and great for summer

                                                1. roasted corn, roasted jalapenos, goat cheese, chorizo

                                                  1. I had an amazing peach/corn/hot pepper/shallot one recently

                                                      1. Chopped clams, garlic and bacon with a white sauce.

                                                        1. asparagus pesto topped with proscuitto and fontina cheese. When out of the oven topped with handful of arugula that been tossed with a little olive oil and lemon juice.