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Apr 18, 2011 10:07 AM

Unique, cool, unusual pizza toppings

Hi.I'm having a pizza party in a few weeks and all the pies will be pretty straight forward.I'm trying to come up with one killer pizza that will make everybody flip! Here is my menu so far.
Sausage and rabe.
Potato with rosemary and anchovies
Quattro formaggi.
classic margherita

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  1. Caramelized onions, fresh thyme, Roquefort and proscuitto
    Dollops of garlic and cheese mashed potatoes with cubes of pancetta

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      You could add slices of pear to that one. (The onion/roquefort/proscuitto one)

    2. TVC15, great lineup so far.
      Over the weekend, I gave this spring-inspired pizza a try and it was very delicious!

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          You're slipping, ghg.

          It took you over 20 minutes from the time of the OP to dig out a search link ...


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            ha! yes, but only about 30 seconds from the time i first *spotted* the OP ;)

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              I think you should change your handle to "residentsearchguru" or "rsg" for short.

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            And even with your marvelous sleuthing skills, I believe the one I posted is new (?) could that be possible :>)

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              highly possible - i've been suffering from severe brain fog lately. glad someone's on the case to pick up my slack ;)

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                I hope its due to great work opps and business ventures!

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                  unfortunately no...but i appreciate the sentiment! :)

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                    I'll keep asking until the grand opening !

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                      you won't need to. trust me, i'll get the word out ;)

          3. Our favorite is swirls of both tomato and pesto sauce with artichoke hearts, cremini mushrooms, fresh mozzarella and goat cheese, and spinach.

            1. favourite unusual pizza topping: white anchovies:

              favourite, completely inauthentic, non-Italian, unusual topping: tandoori chicken (deboned), drizzled with raita- served at a chain restaurant of all places. Haven't made it at home, and haven't ordered it for years, but it's still on the menu, although it's now called a flatbread instead of a pizza. Not sure if they're still using the original recipe. Might give me an excuse to step foot inside: Mind you, since the rest of your pizzas sound interesting, but still have a traditional Italian flavour profile, this type of topping might not fit with rest of your menu.

              I also like arugula on my pizza (sometimes added after baking), and mixed wild mushrooms, which I enjoy even more on non-tomato sauced pizza.

              Noticed one pizzeria in Toronto offering fiddleheads as a topping recently, but I haven't tried it out yet.