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Apr 18, 2011 08:44 AM

please weigh in on these possibilities

5 nights in Paris, wanting to try places we haven't been, mixing old & new, looking both for great cooking and fun atmosphere. I'd welcome opinions on:

Le Mesturet
Bistrot Lorette (why is this not in the Zagat or mentioned except on tripadvisor)?
Le Hide Koba's Bistro
Rest. du Marche
Chez Marcel
Le Cerisaie
Le Chateaubriand
Le Severo
Dominique Bouchet
Le Temps au Temps
Paul Bert

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  1. "Bistrot Lorette (why is this not in the Zagat or mentioned except on tripadvisor)?"

    Quite good food in a neighborhoodly bistro. Maybe that's why. If you're not there, you probably won't go cross town for it, although it is not out of the way by any means. And the Zagat folks do not find themselves there.

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    1. re: Parigi

      Parigi: "The Zagat folks" are anyone who wants to contribute, and who has eaten there.

      1. re: ChefJune

        June - and mainly American? Hence they don't get to neighbourhood restaurants. IMO the power of any guide tends to diminish with distance from its own country i.e. Michelin is great in France but far less useful in Hong Kong. Zagat is great in the US etc.

        1. re: PhilD

          And if posters report back, it would encourage us regulars to continue to share.

          See this latest enigmatic post from the OP, who really should do more to help us help him.

          1. re: Parigi


            I understand your response, but somehow chowhound edited what I was writing so I didn't get to clarify my question. But you put me in my place and I stand, very full and fatter, corrected, and appreciate it.

          2. re: PhilD

            <and mainly American? Hence they don't get to neighbourhood restaurants.>

            Absolutely! I wouldn't have known Le Belisaire if not for my friends at LCB (around the corner). And many other neighborhood places I've learned of right here.

            That's also true of New York, though. Tourists don't tend to go to our favorite neighborhood restos. They follow the crowds (and the chowhound recs) to the temples of haute cuisine (or else, sadly, to the horrendous chains that proliferate in Times Square).

      2. I went to L'Epigramme in February and truly enjoyed it. It's a tiny little restaurant between St Germain and St Michel run by husband and wife team. I was there with a group of girlfriends and the staff could not have been more lovely to us. Food was excellent - I had a foie gras starter that was served with a gorgeous currant jam, followed by the lamb saddle which was done to that perfect pink color. Dessert was a rice pudding flavored with orange water - delicious and delicate, but ended up having plate envy with my friend's molten chocolate cake. Prices were very reasonable (although foie gras and lamb were supplements to the menu). I think with (lots) of wine, we paid about 60 euros each.

        I have heard mixed reviews for this place, but my experience was great and I would certainly go back and recommend to others.

        1. What happened to threads like this one? Was the OP just curious? Did he come, see, conquer? Since we did weigh in per his request, why wouldn't he report back?