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Apr 18, 2011 08:21 AM

any rhubarb dessert menu sightings yet? or fresh in the farmer's market?

should be just about the right time for this to be popping up...

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  1. only some rhubarb strawberry preserves at the atwater farmers market.

    1. Chego has a ruhbarb pie.

      3300 Overland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034

      1. just saw some fresh at whole foods- 3rd & fairfax.

        1. I don't think there's any local rhubarb yet: the stuff at the market is $5.99 or $6.99 a pound. Sounds like first-class air fare to me.

          1. farmer's market and some grocery stores

            I adore rhubarb. Like it best poached a la Pie and Pastry Bible, maybe with buttermilk panna cotta