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Deerfield Beach & surrounding - your recs?

Hi all,

NE OH hound coming to visit the Deerfield Beach area for 4 days this labor day weekend (yes, I plan ahead). I am allergic to shellfish and am not much of a fish lover (I know, I know, but what can I tell you), so I'm looking for great, houndish places that don't focus so strongly on the seafood side of life.

Am planning on hitting the Vine Bar, Laspada's hoagies and Taqueria Dona Raquel but would love some other suggestions from those familiar with the area. I love tapas, love mediterranean food, middle eastern, french, mexican, "american," wine and spirits. Would love a good Jewish deli if there's one in the area. I love a good food truck but also want to consider really nice, higher end places and everything in between. I'm less about the view (I can go to the ocean separately) and more about the good eats.

I will be staying with a friend who is a burgeoning "foodie" who is looking for guidance from me as she branches out into trying new things. We are going to go food shopping when I get there and I'm going to give her some cooking lessons. If you have suggestions for great food specialty shops, including those that that focus on fresh and local or good ethnic stuff, please recommend those as well. I'm basically completely unfamiliar with the area but have a good flexibility to be anywhere in and around Deerfield, including Ft Lauderdale, Pompano, Delray, Boca, etc.

Thanks, fellow hounds!

Taqueria Dona Raquel
791 S Dixie Hwy W, Pompano Beach, FL 33060

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  1. For "Jewish", I enjoyto Nestor's at Bageland in Boca @ 7050 Palmetto Park Road West • Boca Raton , FL 33433. My cousins all live in Boca and Deerfield so it's a family tradition to go when we all meet up. All I've had is their fish platters, bagels and sweets but I've liked everything I've had.

    This last trip, we also went to Charm City Burgers yesterday @ 1136 E Hillsboro Blvd, Deerfield Beach, FL and fell in love with the Ole Fashioned Burger. We are going back again today for one last fix before Passover/

    We used Burger Beast to find great food trucks and happened upon a Food truck rally Friday night. http://burgerbeast.com/2008/09/11/the...

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      thanks! Charm City Burgers is already on the list as well, my friend recently discovered it and it sounds great!

    2. Try Casa Maya Grill for Mexican.

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        I do like Casa Maya. Get the black bean & roasted tomato soup and the rojo mole enchiladas.


      2. You may want to look at kostas for greek. Sorry I have not been there, but have heard good things.

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          Kosta is excellent. Everything is very good, but his pork souvlaki is my favorite. Charred on the outside yet moist on the inside. Just wish that he had someone to expedite and mediate between Kosta the chef and his waitstaff, in particular the suffering non-Greek female waitresses. Kosta's is not to be missed. Have eaten there since his old location about seven years ago and IMO Kostas' is one of the best values in restaurants in Broward county.

        2. For a good Jewish deli, try Ben's on US 441 in Boca. It is a true "New York" deli.

          1. I might recommend Saigon Cuisine it is about 15 min from deerfield but the food is outstanding
            or I would also rec rattlesnake jakes
            or the whales rib is also a choice across from rattlesnake jakes

            Saigon Cuisine
            1392 N State Road 7, Margate, FL 33063

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              I forgot if you are lookin for a fish market Pops should meet your needs

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                Pops is great. I used to work in the seafood biz and Pops is everything that a seafood market ought to be.

            2. We really enjoyed dinner at Hot Tomatoe Wine Bar. It's on Federal Hwy, south of Hillsboro. I really need to write a normal review, but anyway I loved this place. Very good Italian food, even the house wines were good and a great selection of them too (not just 1 red and 1 white!).

              We had the mussels in red sauce appetizer (huge! share it between two people), grouper francese, and veal saltimboca. The homemade fresh rigatoni was fantastic, the bread with garlic basil olive oil, and the tartufo dessert were all excellent. It's casual, warm, friendly, not a snotty trendy place, but a family type restaurant with wine bar sophistication. The singer on Saturday night was fun, kind of like your Uncle Leo who can sing Sinatra. I really had a nice time.

              Elsa the owner and chef does a great job! Tell her Diane sent you :) Now I need to post a review.

              1. My wife and I recently enjoyed sharing about 6 courses of Tapas, a great bottle of wine, and a decent flourless chocolate cake at Cafe Seville in Fort Lauderdale. I found the restaurant charming and the service above and beyond anything I have come to expect in South Florida.

                As an example, when my wife wrinkled her nose because the waiter's recommended wine was too sweet for her taste he snapped his fingers and said "I know just the one for you!". The second bottle he opened was perfect and priced about $10 higher than the first. At the end of the meal He made a point of letting us know that he charged us for the first bottle because it was his mistake. I argued a little but he was very gracious and stuck to his guns.

                Over all a very pleasant experience!


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                1. Bumping this up as my trip is in just 3 weeks. Excited! I understand the Greek place Kosta's is now closed :( Definitely planning on hitting Charm City Burgers and some of the others listed in the thread, wondered if anything new has cropped up that I should put on my Chowhound to-do list while there. Thank you!

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