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Apr 18, 2011 07:48 AM

What will be in season in early May?

We will be in Portland in early May. Would like to sample whatever fruits of the sea and the garden are at their peak. What should I be looking for, and which restaurants are the best venues for tasting them? We also will have access to a kitchen, so if there's something that's easy to prepare at home, I'd like to hear about that, too.

Thanks much.

BTW we will have a car, so location is probably not an issue.

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  1. Given all the rain we've had lately, you might not find as much in the produce area as you hope. Not even rhubarb is out yet. That said, you'll have mushrooms, maybe still some stinging nettles, salmon, various herbs and lettuces. Judging from my home garden and the 34 degree temperature this morning, it may be a late starting season...

    As for places to get in season local stuff, I'd stop by EVOE for lunch, Lincoln uses lots of local things as do many many restaurants in town.

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      There was actually frost this morning in Fo-Po (a layer of ice in all standing water)...don't know what that will do...

    2. The Saturday farmers market @ PSU will have the best and most glorious that Portland has to offer.