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Apr 18, 2011 04:22 AM

Taco Truck on top of Whole Foods Plymouth Meeting?

Anyone been to the new taco truck on the roof of the Whole Foods in Plymouth Meeting? I heard they opened it over the weekend. Been dying to go but could not find the time this past weekend.

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  1. I saw a sign for that, didn't know it was going to be a permanent feature, I thought it was just for 4/15.

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        Been there twice, including for lunch today. First time on a sunny Friday, it was packed and the wait was over 15 minutes. I ordered the barbacoa, and the chicken (they were out of the carnitas... ). Good portion size... 2.50 each in line with tacquieras in the burbs. They also serve beer or soft drinks on the roof (cans only... ). Today got the carnitas and the barbacoa. Carnitas were overwhelmed by the amount of tomatillo sauce put on, but still had a hint of the smokey flavor. Barbacoa was tender, beefy with just a bit of cojito cheese sprinkled on it. They also have fish and vegetable tacos which I have not tried yet.. Good cheap lunch spot, wouldnt go out of my way, but it is worth a try if in the area. Open 11-7 daily. There are outdoor tables, as well as an indoor air conditioned area on the roof where you can eat.

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          Thanks for the report. I will likely go out of my way though. Something about a taco truck on a roof and beer that strikes me as the perfect combination....

          1. re: RC51Mike

            The fish tacos are excellent and are, by far, the best of the offerings from the truck.

            Definitely worth going out of your way for a good, cheap lunch.

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      1. I tried it over the weekend, it was pretty good. It's a little silly: the truck was lifted up there by a crane and can't go anywhere, so it's really more of a truck-shaped taco stand, and it's run by Whole Foods employees with ingredients from the store, so it's more like an extension of the cafe downstairs. The tacos are very good though, we had carnitas and fish tacos, both every bit as good as a good tacqueria, and priced similarly. In addition to the beers they sell out of the truck, there's the beer store downstairs that sells cold six packs and fills growlers, so you could grab some beers there and bring them up to the roof as well.

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        1. re: Buckethead

          Bah. Finally tried to get some tacos today but the truck was closed. I went about five pm. I guess the little bit of rain shut it down. I wonder if a "real" taco truck would pack it in due to light rain. Oh well, apparently today is national watermelon day and there were samples aplenty. The catfish with watermelon was very good as was the watermelon gazpacho. I like the plymouth meeting whole foods much better than the one in montgomeryville. Even tried that fun escalator down to the parking garage that you can take your shopping cart on. Wheee!

          1. re: givemecarbs

            They are supposed to be open until seven... but do not know what rules govern how long they stay open. I do know one day I was there for a late lunch and they were already out of the carnitas at 1:30pm.

            1. re: cwdonald

              I'll take another stab at it soon. While I was wandering around plymouth meeting mall lamenting the departure of Popeyes I did spy with my little eye a fast food Indian joint in the food court. Anyone try it? Might be my plan b if a rain drop falls on my next attempt and they bail on the taco truck again.

              1. re: givemecarbs

                i saw that indian place, but have not tried. I rarely have good luck with food court food... so I'm reluctant.

        2. My husband and I had lunch here on a very hot day last Saturday. It was excellent - we'll definitely be back.

          Our fave was the beef taco - amazing depth of flavors. Second for me was the fish taco - my husband didn't even try it - his second fave was the pork. Last on the list was the chicken.

          The chips and salsa are good too! The basket is almost too big for two people though - wish we could have taken some home. :-(

          If you want something cold to drink, I do recommend getting your beverage before you head up and out for your tacos. They have limited drink offerings up there - didn't see any diet soda or diet tea, only regular soda, tea, and beer.

          Enjoy if/when you go!

          1. I took my 12yo nephew Friday evening - he wanted tacos for dinner. Unfortunately for him, he likes "taco hell" style tacos - ground beef and orange cheese. lol! So I got to eat the rest of his beef barbacoa, as well as my pork and a chicken taco. I think the beef was the best, with the pork a close second. they all needed more flavor, but were good.

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              went there Tues after seeing these posts--meh- not great- the fish was the best but thats not saying a whole lot, the pork and beef needed some fat. As soon as you started to chew and the little bit of sauce was gone it dried out. Maybe its not authentic but some shredded lettuce or napa and some diced tomatoes would have helped a lot.