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Apr 17, 2011 09:27 PM

YO Edmontonians! Anyone try Pampas Brazilian Steakhouse...for LUNCH?

Hello board!

Newbie here. Pampas seems to be reviewed fairly favourable online...but all were for DINNER. Also, a friend (who went for dinner) said it was not very good compared to the Calgary option. However! I'm not going to Calgary anytime soon so am curious about Edmonton's only Brazilian steakhouse! I've heard that lunch is half the meat? Has anyone been for lunch - and can comment on whether or not it's worthwhile? (Cost for experience, food quality etc.)

Thank you,

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  1. I have not gone either, but look forward to some reviews.

    1. for April 26 has a review of it for lunch.

      1. Sorry only been there for dinner and not nearly as good as Gaucho's in Calgary. Based on my over-priced dinner experience, I wouldn't go back there again for dinner or lunch.

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          Gotta agree with HamiltonLake (though I've never been to Gaucho). Was at Pampa last night and didn't really think it was that special. Salad bar OK, the hot apps they brought were very blah (croquettes were horrible, casava fried boring), and then who really needs that much meat. And even if that's what you want, and based on how busy it is, many people do want that much meat, it was just mediocre. I haven't been to a similar place in Brazil, but have eaten fire-cooked meats in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, and they were far superior to this

          I couldn't help but wonder if there are fire/safety regulations that have some effect on it. They push the idea of charcoal on their website, but when you see it, it looks like a gas fire with charcoal on it, not a real wood fire. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's how it looked. Parrillas or asadors in Argentina, Chile, etc are real hardwood fires that are turned to coal, not coals made from burning hardwood on gas...and I've eaten at several places in SA that were far far superior and at low cost. I found it OK, but not worth the $45 for dinner. And I probably ate more salt there in one meal than I have in the past month! I doubt I'll return.

          1. re: Dan G

            I was underwhelmed at dinner as well.