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Apr 17, 2011 08:58 PM

The Porch at the Lamb Tavern in Springfield Delaware County

It appears to be open now. Has any one eaten there since it became "The Porch"? What do you think?

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  1. I have eaten there twice since it reopened. It was at least as good, maybe better than before. A friend who goes a lot says they removed lots of old favorite menu items initially, then added them back when people complained. Their shrimp and lobster risotto is rich, but very, very yummy. At our last visit, a couple of people had that and loved it. A couple of us had specials, which were excellent, and someone had pork chops and reported they were very good. Overall, if you liked the Lamb before, you will not be disappointed now.

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      Was just there in the beginning of Nov. The food and environment was very good, the wine was not too expensive. It is a little further for us to travel so we probably won't go that often but it is definitely worth going back.

    2. We've now gone several times. And with 2 young children, the back "Porch" with the fountain is wonderful! We'll have to try inside this winter. The food was very good, and the atmosphere is great. There are so few non-chain restaurants in the area, that we are pleased to have this dining option. The French onion soup is the best I've ever had - complex, not too salty. And we loved the calamari appetizer, and the shrimp wrapped in bacon. There is nothing too adventurious, but it's a good straightforward menu. Reminded me of what hotel restaurants used to feature. And they do participate in some dining clubs (cash back, etc.), so that's a plus too.