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I've never had a good cupcake in Toronto...

Please prove me wrong. To be perfectly honest, I've never been a big cupcake fan but then I had one at a little shop in Alexandria, Virginia and was instantly converted. My friend dragged me there insisting I try one. It was a cupcake beyond my wildest imagination. A revelation. It made me realize how awful and pedestrian every cupcake I've ever had previously was.

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  1. I'm not sure where you were eating cupcakes before but there's a lot of great ones in this city... we're actually quite lucky to have so many options.

    The Wedding Cake Shoppe on College is excellent, albeit a little expensive. Probably my favourite cupcake in the city.

    The Cupcakery on St. Clair is good... I haven't been there too many times as I don't live near by.

    All the Best in Summerhill makes a great cupcake... chocolate and vanilla is usually all they do unless it's seasonal.

    Babycakes at L'il Baci in Leslieville are amazing... again, very expensive but another excellent cupcake.

    Bake Sale around Bloor & Islington is pretty good too... not the best out there but it's a solid contender.

    Swirls in Mississauga and Dundas St. West is another good choice... a lot of people love this place. I've only been there once but it was good as far as I remember.

    A lot of other places that aren't bad either... Yummy Stuff, Bread & Roses, Altitude, Bunners, Sweet Bliss, Life is Sweet, Miss Cora's Kitchen, Dlish...

    Some are better than others, some may not be everyone's taste but there's probably 2 or 3 dozen places to get cupcakes in this city. I'm sure there's enough places to please everyone's taste.

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      I'm a Wedding Cake Shoppe fan. We stumbled on their cupcakes when we contracted them to do our wedding cake (they were just transitioning to an actual store at the time). I will even admit to having had dinner there... by sampling one of everything.

      There's a small community of excellent cupcake (and cake) makers in the city. They don't always get a lot of press, other than the Shoppe's Food Network Challenge appearance, but they're definitely out there.

      The Wedding Cake Shoppe
      859 College St, Toronto, ON M6H, CA

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        RE: Cupcakery - are their frostings the traditional buttercream (butter, icing sugar) or more of a swiss meringue buttercream?


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          American-style (uncooked) "buttercream" is what was on them when I was there. Btw, Fabfind has a group coupon today. $12 for a dozen from Cupcakery:


      2. I had a cupcake revelation when I tried a pink velvet from dufflet a few weeks ago. Delish! The icing was wonderfully strawberry and moussey.
        Prairie Girl Bakery has been getting a lot of love lately: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/775913


        Prairie Girl Bakery
        18 King St E #106, Toronto, ON M5H 1A1, CA

        1. Try Prairie Girl at King & Victoria.

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            Amazing cupcakes, fresh, yumm. Make sure you have the salted caramel. The best of the bunch.

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              om nom nom! those look nice!

              I still think Flour has the best cupcakes I've had so far. Haven't tried Prairie Girl of Dlish, but methinks they're on next week's to-do list.

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                I think PG is good. I think I might like them more than Wedding Cake Shoppe - getting more today to see.

                Dlish... not so much.

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                i've very much enjoyed the ones from the wedding cake shop and while i haven't been on a hunt for them specifically... they're the only ones i really consider good from what i've had so far.

                on the other hand dlish, and we got the salted caramel specifically, was terrible. dry. dense. butter cream was grainy. awful. tiny and expensive.

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                  Interesting. I've had cupcakes from the Wedding Cake Shop, and enjoyed them, but my salted caramel from Dlish actually really surprised me (in a good way). Absolutely not dry, although I can see how a stale version of what I had would be exactly what you described. Mine was really nice and buttery, the icing smooth...the only critique I had was that it tasted a touch like raw flour - possibly underbaked a bit. I guess I must have gotten a really fresh one? I totally agree on the "tiny and expensive" front, though. I can't see myself returning for that very reason.

                  1. re: Wahooty

                    they had a full case, had been open for about a month and a slew of people came in after we ordered. my companion and i found it uniformly horrendous that we didn't finish the tiny thing and threw it out in the trash right outside.

            2. Thanks for all the suggestions! Perhaps I've been too hasty in my judgments.

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                Well, not TOO hasty. There are, indeed, a wide range of really, really mediocre cupcakes out there. Uninspired cakes, gritty or greasy frostings. But I do love The Wedding Cake Shoppe cupcakes, and I'm looking forward to trying Prairie Girl. Whatever you do, avoid Lollicakes. Blech.

                The Wedding Cake Shoppe
                859 College St, Toronto, ON M6H, CA

              2. I second the vote on Prairie Girl. It's right around the corner from my office so a few days after it opened up I went over with a co-worker. It could be considered pricey but for the product we both agreed it was definitely worth it. Toronto Life (could've been Toronto.com) did a piece on the owner and how Prairie Girl Bakery came to life. It's worth a read I definitely recommend them though!

                Prairie Girl Bakery
                18 King St E #106, Toronto, ON M5H 1A1, CA

                1. BTW I forgot to mention that I don't like sweets from chain coffee shops because they all taste chemically or as if they have too much vanilla in them. Prairie Girl is the total opposite! The cupcakes have substance to them but they aren't oily and are still fluffy. I can't sing their praises enough!

                  1. Opifan64 is absolutely right... all the suggestions here are for mildly adequate cupcakes. But there are places in the U.S. that really do take cupcakery to another level. By comparison, GTA cupcakes are fairly boring.

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                      I have to disagree about the bakeries lists here are only "mildly adequate." The common thread on this forum seems to be that there's nothing good in Toronto and some place, in another city is doing it better. As I said earlier, there's got be 2 or 3 dozen places to buy cupcakes in Toronto... and not one of them is good? Hard to believe.

                      I gave Prairie Girl a try earlier this week and thought they were definitely up there. Any place that regularly bakes chocolate mint cupcakes already in my good books. Their cupcakes were larger than most places and well priced so I felt there was good bang for your buck there. There was still a decent variety of cupcakes left in the late afternoon, which was appreciated. Maybe it was a slow day for them but it was nice to have a choice when most places would have limited supply.

                      What exactly is boring about cupcakes here? The Wedding Cake Shoppe owners have been on the Food Network Challenge and have received a lot of press in general. Cupcake Camp TO has been a success in recent years as well. I would say the opposite is true... there's some creative bakers out there doing interesting things with cupcakes.

                      The Wedding Cake Shoppe
                      859 College St, Toronto, ON M6H, CA

                      1. re: YYZjeff

                        Short and Sweet Cupcakes makes a very good Red Velvet cupcake.

                    2. If you want beyond the "pedestrian" you really have to try the cupcakes at For the Love of Cake
                      in liberty village. They do flavoured cakes then a filling then icing then topping, Fresh and tasty
                      Cakes: * Vanilla
                      * Chocolate
                      * Mocha
                      * Lemon
                      * Coconut
                      * Chocolate Hazelnut
                      * Apple Spice
                      * Banana
                      * Carrot
                      * Red velvet
                      * Guinness Chocolate
                      * Almond
                      * Chocolate Mint

                      * Chocolate, raspberry, lemon, mocha, triple citrus, strawberry or chocolate/raspberry buttercream
                      * Vanilla, Oreo, peanut butter, cream cheese, chocolate or mint frosting
                      * Chocolate or chocolate/hazelnut ganache
                      * Lemon curd
                      * Vanilla or banana custard