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Apr 17, 2011 07:23 PM

where's the street food?

I am from New York and have been in Baltimore county for several years now and cant believe there is hardly any street food here. Have I just not found it yet? I have heard of some of the lunch trucks in the city but can't be following then around town. I am by Security Mall. Is there anything in the county? Really craving some NY street food. Thanks

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  1. If you're near Security Mall, there's a "latin food" truck in the parking lot at the Sunoco gas station on Fairbrook and Rolling Road.

    1. Are you looking for dirty water dogs? Kabobs?

      1. I was looking for chicken rice, kebabs, gyros etc., not hot dogs.

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          I don't think you're going to have much luck around Sec. Blvd, though Pioneer Pit Beef is damn good and near enough to street food.

          For what I think you're after, the only one I know of in the metro region is in front of Ballston Mall in Arlington. It's on par with many of the carts on Wall St.

          DC has a street food boom occurring now, but most offerings are a little eclectic (pizza, bulgogi, etc.)

          There was a more recent thread about Baltimore with a number of posts. Here it is:

        2. Near Security is Woodlawn, home to many Indian/ Paki restaurants where you could grab lunch such as Shaheen:

          You aren't going to find ethinc food carts in Baltimore County

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            However there are a ton of Mexican options along Rts 1 and 175. Lily's, R&R, and I think the count on trucks and carts along Rt 1 is up to 4, with one other on Rt 1. ~~drool~~

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              there are Mexican options along Rt 1 and 175 but thats not anywhere near Security, thats why I didn't mention it.

              1. re: hon

                When you come from Reston it is ;)

                And no, I know, but just in case OP wanted to drive a bit for something more street foodish. Perhaps not at lunch, but on the weekend or something.

            2. re: hon

              I wouldn't recommend any Pakistani restaurants in Woodlawn. (Side note: Shaheen has moved out of Woodlawn into Catonsville, on the other side of the street from Pho Saigon.) There was a decent Pakistani option, namely Cafe Kabob, in "downtown" Catonsville, but that is now Bangladeshi-owned Curry and Kabob. Unfortunately, the new owners converted it into just another one of these generic Indo-Pak buffet restaurants. In the old Sam's Plaza across from Woodlawn high school there is a new Pakistani-Chinese restaurant called QingZhen. I am not particularly fond of it, and during lunch they might be buffet-only, but the flavor of their Black Pepper Beef is excellent. Unfortunately the beef is always overcooked because Pakistanis don't know how to cook beef.

              6205 Baltimore Ave, Riverdale, MD 20737

              Pho Saigon
              1116 N Rolling Rd, Catonsville, MD 21228

              1. re: southbaltimoregirl

                I work off of Security Blvd. There are no street food places besides the aforementioned Pioneer Pit Beef. Get there early though because you can end up waiting for over an hour to get food during the work week.

                1. re: doperry

                  You can get pupasas and tacos at the truck I mentioned above. Sometimes Iced Gems cupcakes will come down to the SSA building, too.