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Apr 17, 2011 07:21 PM

Cheese rinds

I always save my parmesan cheese rinds to make soup but what about other types of cheese?

Can you use other types of rinds for soup? Or for anything else? Are some too bitter or sharp to be useful?

I'm thinking this is possible but because they tend to be smaller, you would use cheesecloth so you could find them.

Any thoughts?


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  1. i throw a parm rind into my pasta sauce while simmering....mostly just disintegrates (or pick it out at the end if it hasn't) and adds a lovely depth to the sauce.

    1. I'd say it depends on each particular cheese - mostly if they're edible but dry or totally inedible. Not much help, I know. But the cheesecloth idea is good, so that if they don't disintegrate fully, you still benefit from flavor.

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        I would say that any air dried cheese would be fine. Mind you.... washed rind cheeses, like Taleggio, and bloom rind cheeses, like Camembert, would not be conducive to cooking with.

        1. re: breadfan

          A really good explanation of what I tried to dim-wittedly say. Thanks!