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Apr 17, 2011 06:50 PM

what do you think of calphalon one annodizes for 112.00

Well I am always on the look out for good.cookware. I picked up a 10 piece set of the infused anodized aluminum ( not non stick) for 112.00 after tax at my local bb&b the other day. I have yet to use them but love the handles. The handles are the only thing keeping me from the All-clad ltd2 set. What say you on these.

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  1. That's their big box discount brand. They are "OK". They are sold as nonstick but they are not at all. They tend to nick and warp easily so be gentle on them and don't overheat them. Definitely not All-Clad or the better Calphalon but at $100 you got a good deal.

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      No this is their top line that came out about 6 years ago. It replaced the professional line and was replaced by the unison line. The big discount line is the calphalon contemporary and simply calphalon line. I will give them a try as It was about a 400 to 500 discount on them.

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        That is correct. It was there top line and it replces the professional and then it was replaced by the unison line. You are correct. It is a bit questionable as to how to call them. They are not really nonstick like most of the real nonstick Calphalon cookware, but they are not bare anodized aluminum cookware neither. They do have nonstick material, but it is "infused" deeper into the cookware and so it does not have the same level of nonstick as a typical nonstick cookware. I had a piece which I later tossed out.

        It really wasn't a bad cookware really, but I bought the Infused One Wok, which didn't really cook like a traditional wok, if that makes sense. It is really not bad for other cooking style. I can see it being a good saute pan or frying pan....

        1. re: Chemicalkinetics

          I assume this was the larger 12" wok -- yes, a pretty bad wok! But as I mention elsewhere, the 10" stir fry is actually a nifty little piece.

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            It was a 10" wok actually. It is very nice in many ways. It was thick, but light. It was easy to toss foods. I has a nice wok geometry -- which not many Western cookware companies do well. However, foods do stick to the wok.

    2. Wow, that’s a great price. Each piece is worth that much. I live 2 blocks from a Calphalon Culinary Centre, so I have been able to watch for sales and managed to pick up a few pieces. It’s 6 years old now. I like it, but it is far from perfect.

      The good: thick, solid cookware. Aluminum is referred to as the poor man’s copper (apologies of you are female). Comfortable handles that stay cool on the stovetop. Responsive to temperature changes, and sear really well. Food rarely sticks and releases after searing, as long as the pan is preheated properly. (Food like chicken or pork will stick if the pan is not preheated enough.)

      The bad: Anodized is not dishwasher safe. Aluminum is softer than steel and more subject to dings and dents. Anodized aluminum is said to be harder than steel, but I think that shows in resistance to abrasion. The anodized surface is thin and the aluminum underneath is soft enough to dent if you whack the edge with a metal utensil. They have an affinity for grease and get dark stains when cooking meat, but clean up easily enough with lots of soap or Barkeeper’s Friend.

      The ugly: concerns over quality. The bottom of my stock pot was convex. The 12” fry pan had a scratch in the cooking surface. The chef’s pan “deanodized” (bare aluminum showing through after about 4 years). All of those were replaced under warranty. The fry pans have warped slightly and are still usable, but it’s irritating.

      The verdict: they are very nice to cook in, but are not as carefree or durable as good steel or iron cookware.

      1. BTW these are not the non stick version. I did pick up 2 of the calphalon one nonstick skills to go with the annodized set.

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          You said they were infused. The infused line is the "semi-nonstick" that did not work out so well in the market.

          All my Caphalon is the older professional stuff from the 80's. Don't put it in the dishwasher and go easy on using metal utensils in them and they're great. Decent heat transfer and fairly easy care.

          1. re: LovinSpoonful

            I don't look at them as nonstic so I don't think it will be an issue. I also don't wash pots in the dishwasher and use tongs, wooden spoons, and coated whisks.

        2. I absolutely love my Calphalon One 8-qt. dutch oven and use it for many, many things. Haven't had a problem with the surface material. The bottom is just "a bit" convex, though barely noticeable, really. It alone was nearly $100 at W-S about five years ago, so you did well and have some great pieces that should last a long time.

          1. Not the greatest cookware ever, but pretty darn good in terms of functionality. And frankly at that price, who cares? They are generally well balanced, transmit heat well, have above average responsiveness, GREAT handles, and can put a mean sear on some meat.

            But, as some have pointed out, they have durability issues. At $112, it's not an issue though. I would have loved to have paid that little with mine (and I paid < 50% for mine!).