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Apr 17, 2011 06:14 PM

Pub grub

Two friends and I will be getting into town around 9:30 on a Thursday night in June for the weekend Cubs vs Yankees series. Will be staying at the Omni. I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for bars w/decent food in the vicinity. I'm guessing we'll just drop off our bags and go somewhere local to drink and eat. Nothing too touristy please, will save the craziness for pre-game Friday and Sat. Maybe a place w/a decent burger or the like? Thanks very much in advance.

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  1. Nearby (walk or 5 minute cab) with good food and good drinks:

    The Kerryman - great outside, good food, real irish pub

    Public House - very good food, great beer selection, great afterwork spot

    Lux Bar - great food, place to be seen for the Gold Coast 30 something to 40 something crowd

    Jake Melnick's - good food, decent decor, it's the closest

    Kerryman Bar & Restaurant
    70 W Erie St, Chicago, IL 60654

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      Thanks so much! I'll check all these out.

    2. Sable is pretty hard to beat, and only ~0.5 mile from the Omni.

      1. Just a couple of blocks from the Omni is Elephant & Castle, NW corner of St Clair and Huron (one block east of Michigan). Set up like an English pub it has pub-type food and a world of beer. I just checked---they are open until 11:30. Go to Chicago Restaurant Menus to see its menu (and the menus of 3000 other Chicago restaurants). BTW if you get into town late and can't eat at Elephant & Castle, walk one block west of Michigan to Rush, turn right (north) and start strolling. After you cross Chicago Avenue you will be in a major nightlife district (Gold Coast) where things stay open 'way late.

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          Elephant & Castle has its own website: Menus can vary by location so thsi is the best way to see the up-to-date menu specific to each location, including the three locations in Chicago.

          1. re: nsxtasy

            Thanks so much. I've heard about Elephant and Castle, will check out menu.

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            So how late will bars in that area be open on a Thursday night? Do most serve food until closing?

            1. re: jinglejangle

              For late night, the ones i mentioned will be open.
              Other choices nearby with for sure food after 10PM = Rockit, Hub51, and O'Callahans all on W Hubbard and State.

              HUB 51
              51 W. Hubbard, Chicago, IL 60610

              Rockit Bar & Grill
              22 W. Hubbard, Chicago, IL 60610

              29 W Hubbard St, Chicago, IL 60654