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Apr 17, 2011 04:18 PM

Green Corn Tamales

I grew up in PHX. There was a place in central Phoenix that had great green corn tamales, it was a little place down near VanBuren and I would guess about 7th st. I knew how to get there but I never knew the exact address. It was nothing more than a house with a screen enclosed porch area that you could take your food too to eat. You ordered in a small entry that was plastered with old newspaper clippings of high school football games. It was completely surrounded by Oleanders that were at least 2 stories high. Is it still there? Does anybody know the name?

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  1. Probably Carolina's on 12 th St and Mojave or
    Rito's on 14th and Roosevelt?

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    1. re: kmarg

      Not Carolina's or Rito's. The place I was looking for had Green corn tamales, like they sell (or sold at El Bravo. Not green chile tamales, Thanks for the tips though. Rito's sounds like a place I'll have to visit next time I make it to PHX. I imagine the place I was looking for is long gone.

      El Bravo
      8338 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85020

    2. El Bravo? No, probably not.

      El Bravo
      3800 E Sky Harbor Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85034

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      1. re: azhotdish

        No, not El Bravo, although I remember their Green corn tamales with great fondness. El Bravo is a North Valley restaurant, at least it was in the north valley when I lived there. Now it's more like the center of the megalopolis!

        El Bravo
        8338 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85020

      2. I think you are remembering El Molino at about 17th St and Washington. Unfortunately it is no longer there. I loved it. There is a spin off in Scottsdale on Goldwater .

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        1. re: kandmls

          I think you may be right, when I looked at a list of downtown mexican food restaurants the name El Molino rang a bell but when I looked it up it wasn't the place I remembered...all good things must pass. Thanks!

          1. re: mhoodak

            you're probably thinking of el norteƱo

        2. When I was in PHX last year, I was surprised by what are called green corn tamales locally. It elicited a couple responses, and I meant to add a comment then. I was just reminded when the thread bumped up again.

          This thread subject seems a better place to respond. All became clear when I stopped by La Tolteca and saw this overhead sign with the Spanish and English names for its tamales.

          "Elote", translated as "sweet corn" is what I know elsewhere (LA, SF, SJ) as a green corn tamal. "Green corn" is translated as "Queso con rajas" or cheese with peppers.

          I did try the tamal de elote. Don't recall too much about it other than the masa being on the dry side. I did like the salsas from the salsa bar.

          And the reason for my stop here, the tostada de nopales. The cactus (nopales) were overcooked, and therefore, too slimy. But not bad otherwise.

          The flavor I recall the most from this stop is the house verduras. They're part of the salsa bar and also sold by the pound. Lots of clove and allspice in the oily marinade and not acidic.

          La Tolteca
          1205 E Van Buren St, Phoenix, AZ 85006