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Goat cheese-- what would you make?

I have some extra goat cheese from something else that I made. I have 8 oz. leftover. What would you do if you had it?

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  1. 3 ounces can go into this snarf-snarf delicious epicurious recipe for Chicken goat Cheese and rosemary recipe...99% would make it again...heh...I've made it probably over 20 times...really fabulous and pretty simple!

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      Thanks for the chicken idea. I made the chicken and it was delicious! Thanks to the other hounds that responded, I think I will freeze the remainder and use some of these ideas later. Thanks all!

    2. Well, on New Year's I made grilled goat cheese & nutella sandwiches. They were a huge hit -- kids & adults alike.

      1. I might cut it into thick disks and freeze them. Later I'd dip them in beaten egg and then fresh bread crumbs and fry in olive oil until crispy. Serve over a green salad with a mustard vinaigrette.

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          Similarly, while not terribly creative...I love the thick frozen disks rolled in walnuts -baked and served with red berry vinaigrette.

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              Hey DSG! I replied on this yesterday, but just now realized this was your thread!

              The good thing about this suggestion is that they are easy to keep. Just freeze the disks and dip and coat the frozen disks just before serving. You can experiment with different crumbs as noted above, (even walnuts!).

              Let us know what you wind up doing.

          1. Not terribly creative, but one of my favorite snacks in chevre spread on tart apple slices, with cracked black pepper on top.

            1. goat cheese mashed potatoes with chopped chives
              goat cheese deviled eggs

              1. Make salad of your choice, take cheese cut in 3/4 inch rounds under broiler till brown on top
                place upon salad,

                1. Whip up the goat cheese with pureéd roasted garlic, fresh ground pepper, a little chive and stuff the mixture into pitted Medjool dates.
                  You can serve them as-is with cocktails, or grill a few seconds under the broiler and serve with mabey a roasted beet and walnut salad, or wrap them in phyllo in a 'Bon-bon' shape, cook 'em up and serve with a reduced mosto cotto
                  p.s cut the phyllo in strips 11/2 inches longer that the date, roll, then twist the ends.

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                    Does "cook 'em up" infer baking or some other cooking method?

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                      Sorry, I was getting lazy. You cook them in a 400F oven for 10-15 minutes, or until golden.

                  2. I love goat cheese with sun-dried tomatoes on a cracker or a really good piece of bread. I make a goat cheese, pecan and cranberry log too, everyone loves it.

                    Toss with a bit of ricotta and butter with hot pasta--yum!

                    You could always use it as a pizza topping, too.

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                        Tell me about goat cheese brownies, please. Like cheesecake-swirl brownies but with goat cheese, or does the goat cheese figure in another way?

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                          oh man, are you in for a treat :)

                          you can do it one of two ways:
                          - cream the goat cheese with the butter, sugar & eggs so it blends completely into the batter
                          - use it as a substitute for the cream cheese in your favorite cheesecake/cream cheese swirl brownies.

                      2. Ooooo..."Roasted Garlic Plate" is the BEST way to use up goat cheese! I recently discovered this at an award-winning restaurant just down the street. After eating this, I can see why they win awards!

                        On the plate were the following: 2 large roasted garlic heads, pile of warm melty goat cheese, warmed black and green olives, roasted tomatoes, roasted red and green sweet peppers and plenty of sliced toasted bread.

                        I roasted the garlic covered for 20 min first (slice the tops, drizzle with EVOO, sprinkle with s&p and roast at 350°), then add the goat cheese in the corner of the roasting pan (uncovered) as well as adding in the olives, tomatoes and peppers. Roast for ~45 min.

                        (I also roasted sliced zucchini slices and thinly sliced red potatoes - both drizzled with evoo and s&p, but this wasn't on their plate.)

                        We found by changing up the combos on the toast, you got a completely different flavour. My fave was spreading roasted garlic on the toast, then piling on zucchini, goat cheese, tomatoes and black olives. Incredible!

                        1. Deep fried goat cheese medallions over arugala with basalmic dressing.
                          If no deep fry then cut into medallions, dredge in flour, then egg, then panko and pan fry.
                          Balsalmic vinegar dressing of choice.

                          For pasta dish:
                          goat cheese, heavy cream, basil and fresh tomato.
                          Salt pepper and chili flake to taste.
                          Saute all till hot til warm except basil.
                          Cook pasta.
                          Add all including basil.
                          Garnish with parm.

                          Still the identical knock-off of a local restaurant favorite.

                          Mix with above