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Apr 17, 2011 02:36 PM

Out of town wedding day brunch

I am hosting a destination wedding day brunch. We will be staying in a rented condo where supplies are limited. I need help with a very easy, casual menu. I am probably not serving any hot foods as preparation will be difficult. Any ideas?

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    1. re: escondido123

      The Florida Gulf Coast. We will be arriving on Saturday and the brunch won't be until Wednesday. Do NOT want to spend anymore time than absolutely necessary cooking and preparing!

    2. Will you be able to prepare foods at home and transport them?

      Can you use a caterer for some dishes?

      How many people?

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      1. re: laredo

        Probably won't use a caterer and approx. 40. It will just be for the ladies that are attending. I am hoping to make some baked items to freeze and then transport. Unfortunately we will be arriving at the destination on Saturday and the wedding day brunch will not be until Wednesday!
        I am thinking of a fruit tray from a local market, maybe rolls and deli ham, muffins, coffee cake and then I am stuck. I don't want to spend my vacation cooking and cleaning! The easier, most simply and casual is best!

      2. strata, frittata, or just egg casserole... can serve hot or room temp. inexpensive caviar on hard boiled eggs. muffins, homemade of course. mimosa's. ratatouille, fresh fruit, fruit tarts, parfaits with greek yogurt, granola, fresh fruit, whip cream. nostalgic champagne punch. bloody mary's. personally I'd focus on dishes that can be successful both hot and room temp, and brunchie cocktails... always a crowd pleaser. please consider your locale and your resources. have fun. something relaxed, plentiful, fun, and inexpensive is always better than over-wrought and stiff.

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        1. re: Surfwench

          The relaxed, fun and inexpensive is the route I want to take! Had thought of the fresh fruit and dip and muffins. Also like the idea of a parait. I will not know exactly what the accomodation are until I get there. Don't know what baking/cooking items are supplied until arrival either. I am thinking this could be a disaster!

          1. re: wregle

            I wouldn't do a parfait. Rather, I'd make a big batch of homemade granola, maybe with some coconut to capture the Florida location. Put it out with two bowls of yogurt, one sweetened but plain or vanilla, and one flavored (lemon would be good). Then put out bowls of different fruits. A tray of mini muffins (I like mini ones so people can just nibble or can try different flavors) and you're good to go.

            1. re: katecm

              what a great idea... make your own brunch sundae bar!

        2. Find out there is a costco or the like nearby and buy their premade platters. If you're going casual, that's casual. Really, do you want to be cooking?

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          1. re: escondido123

            Brunch sundaes and tropical cocktails! ----- there's your theme! Sounds like a lot of fun and appropriate for the setting/situation.

            I agree to call in advance to arrange for as much pre-made, just-go-pick-it-up type foods as possible.

            YOu could make the granola well in advance at home.

            If you think you could handle just one hot food, I suggest biscuits (frozen commercial) with some deli ham.

            Please keep us posted. I'm all for learning about the "easiest way" with the limitations I now have for food prep. Good luck!

            Oh, one more thing: Walmart's banana bread and blueberry bread are pretty darn good. Already sliced. Just arrange it on the platter. Add a garnish and you're good to go.