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Apr 17, 2011 02:12 PM

Costco Hot dog

The Costco in Yorba Linda, Savi Rancch, has converted to Kirkland brand.
Not bad , but you can tell they are not HN!

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  1. Wonder if the Costco off the 91 and Harbor in Fullerton, has made the switch.

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    1. re: reality check

      Yea, they converted months ago!

      The people at YB said they would hold out as long as possible.

      For a good local dog try "Portillos" by Knotts Farm in BP.

    2. Where else can you get crank onions for the love of God!

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        1. I was going to make a comment on this in a recent thread, but there were several dozen so I didn't want to add to the din.

          I'm not knocking Costco for doing this - it makes sense if you want to continue to sell a dog and a coke for a Buck-Fifty and change. However, the Kirkland brand is "close-but-no-ceegar." Just have to accept the sad fact, and be thankful it's a steamed dog on the cheap. H.N. they are not.

          Almost wish Costco would give you a choice (and up the price by a few cents for those who are ultra fussy about their tube steaks- like me).

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          1. re: cagey

            I agree!!! Now I order the cheese pizza by the slice. The HN dogs were the best and I'd pay a few cents more (or whatever!) to get it. The Kirkland Dog does not compare, in my book.

            1. re: Golem

              In this era of trickle-down economic recession, I guess we've finally hit the lowest denominator - even the hot dog suffers. *(sigh)*

          2. I think the Kirkland polish dogs are better than the old ones.

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            1. re: Nolita

              I actually agree that the new polish tastes better, more spice and flavor.

              1. re: Nolita

                Thanks, I'll try one next time.