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Apr 17, 2011 02:00 PM

Taco Truck open again in Manchester(NH)

Was driving down Lake Ave heading downtown yestersday and spotted the Taco truck on the corner of Lake Ave and Maple St. It's in the parking lot of Hans Market(not sure if that is the name). I didn't have a chance to stop, but will definately be there soon. The best tacos and burritos around !!!

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  1. yayyyy, thanks for posting, love them they moved huh?

    1. Yes, the taco truck is at Lake & Maple in the Hans Parking Lot

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        I've seen it a couple of times at a gas station on Maple Street North of the Hans lot. Haven't tried it yet, but the new regional Mexican El Rincon Zacatecano at the corner of Lake and Elm is fantastic.

        1. re: crowdingthepan

          Can you tell us more about this place? We really love going out for Mexican!

          1. re: solargarlic

            Handmade corn tortillas, handmade tamales, handmade pan dulce, fresh horchata, all very good. I've been meaning to put together a dedicated thread comparing the better/authentic taquerias in Manchester, but I haven't had a chance to hit the truck yet.

      2. Has anyone seen the truck recently?

        1. Yes, it's here as of today. Trying it out for the first time!

          1. I really like this truck. As a sample, I got 2 basics--a burrito "azada" which is nothing like the carne asada burritos I was used to from my time in LA, the meat is more stewed, and there's more stuff in them. It was delicious in its own right. And it had that proper burrito wrap that is so hard to find out here. I don't know if they steam it or what, but it's so soft and sticky, know what I mean? Maybe that is evidence of a home-made tortilla? I really don't know, but if I don't get it, I don't like the burrito too much. :)

            I also got 2 tacos "adobada" which were extremely plain tasting to me, and a bit watered-down from a bunch of iceberg lettuce in them.

            The red super-hot sauce container I got with them was perfect for me: blazingly hot and delicious and salty.

            They came with some radish and a chunk of lime. I will definitely go back for that burrito and more sampling.