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Apr 17, 2011 01:55 PM

Hot Horseradish

Does anybody know of any real good hot horseradish is this city? Mrs.Whytes is bland like paper!!There was an interesting taste test in the National Post this weekend but I don't think they are available here, at least not according to their websites

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  1. I generally buy a root and grate away. Mrs Whytes and a couple of other brands I've seen in the kosher sections have been somewhat lacking; lots of vinegar, not a whole lot of bite.

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    1. re: wattacetti

      Where can I find horseradish root? I want to make some Bloody Mary's!

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          I have also found fresh horseradish at Adonis in the West Island. I would imagine the other locations carry it as well, but no promises!

      1. that stand with the fridge full of herbs @JTM almost always has a lot of fresh horseradish root.. PA on parc has it on occasion in varying degrees of freshness.. but yeah.. the jarred stuff is always vastly inferior.. needs to be freshly grated, like (real) wasabi.

        1. I found fresh horseradish root at the new Waldman's on St. Laurent!

          1. p-bird, another response to one of your inquiries. Horseradish is obvoiusly best fresh, so as I resonded to your canned tomaoes question, grow your own. Plant it in the fall and pull it in the spring. It will be the first greens you see sprouting through the last bit of snow. Don't let it grow into carrot size as it will lose it's potency. Most importantly, after gently removing the plant, keep the green top and a small piece of the root attached to it. Plug that back into the ground leaving just the greens exposed. It will grow again and in the late summer /early fall you will have another harvest. Then again in thte fall. But be warned, horseradish can take over a whole garden or even a large yard. Keep an eye on it.

            Alternatively, there is a brand we have here in upstate New York which is called Junius. It is only available frozen in a soup can size. I'm not certain if you can get it where you are. If you can I would recommend it.

            Keep in mind when storing horseradish, light is the enemy. If you put it in clear jar, wrap the jar with foil. The less light exposure, the longer it will stay potent.

            1. Slightly OT but does anyone know a really hot brand of mustard and where to buy it? I want something that really hits you in the nose, "Maille hot" is soooo weak. Thanks.

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                EvilB, Find an authentic asian food store. They will have jarred (already mixed ) or you can buy powder form and mix your own. Just add water and some rice wine vinegar ( or whatever spices you desire). But be warned, these can take the top of your head off. Experiment first. Keep in mind the French (maille) are not very interested in hot and spicy. Think Asian, Indian or South African for mustards.

                1. re: teflontom

                  Sounds good but will the taste conflict with sandwiches or European style sausages?

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                    Yes, but depending on the potency, you may want to tread lightly at first. Or perhaps cut it with a mild one. As I stated, try it first. Also, another thought I had is there are regular Canadien dry mustards that can be potent. Try the internet to have some shipped to you. If you mix your own at home, it will be hottest right away and then will mellow as it sits. Personally I don't use Asian mustard for Euro-style sausages as many are mild or spiced specifically (except for maybe the Polish wursts) Italian and spanish, Portugese are very spicy, whereas the French are mild. Therefore I tend to keep my Asian blends for soups, Spring rolls,Banh Mi, etc. Some sources for dry spice on the internet are:


                    Give it a try and always, taste first.

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                  If you want real hot mustard, try to find Dave's Insanity mustard

                  It might be available at douceur du marché since they carry some of their sauces, that mustard is incredibly hot though