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I'm looking for basil to make pesto. Any suggestions? I am looking for a large bundle

thank you

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  1. Many small fruit/veg stores now carry bunches of basil year-round. I'm in the Yonge/Eg area and there are several spots around here that carry reasonably large bunches of basil for between 99 cents and $1.99.

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      thanks yongeman. I live in the area. any specific suggestions? thanks

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        If you can wait till June,that's when basil is in season. Whatever you do don't buy it at the Metro at Young&Eglinton.

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          Sure, DB2001.
          The fruit and veg store on the east side of Yonge, just south of Erskine has a bucket of basil sitting at the cash for 99 cents a bag. Also, the F and V store which is closest to Salumeria, also on the east side usually has bunches (whole plants, I think) for $1.99. If you're making a lot, Costco has large bags of pine nuts for something like $24...not sure of the weight, though. I love pesto.

          2021 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S, CA

      2. You can purchase large bundles of lovely, fresh basil downstairs at the fruit & veggie vendor. The only caution I'd offer is that they tend to be "gritty" because the root balls are attached. You'll need to give them a good soak in water first. The up-side of having the root ball attached is that you can plunk your bundles in jars of water and they'll keep for some time.

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          thanks breadcrumbs. Downstairs from where?

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            It's centred between the Chinese take-out and the juice bar. Not the organic shop.

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              Breadcrumbs is referring to the lower level of SLM.

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                Ooops! Thanks so much Wahooty, you're absolutely right!!

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                  Thanks guys. I was hoping to make it tomorrow. Any suggestions of places that are open Mondays?

          2. Is it difficult to find basil in most major supermarkets? I usually shop at asian supermarkets and it is always there. Didn't know it was hard to find.

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              Most supermarkets package basil in small containers, so it's not easy to buy enough when you are making pesto. It's more convenient and cheaper to buy it by the whole plant as it's often available a smaller fruit/veg stores.

            2. Virtually every green grocer in Kensington Market has it year round.