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Apr 17, 2011 12:19 PM

Traveler's Report: Asheville and Durham

We Philadelphia CH's had a great week in Asheville. The Admiral was funkier than I might have imagined, but a nice friendly vibe. Oysters were served perched on rock salt to keep them from sliding--never saw that before. Menu didn't grab me on mains, so I ordered a Black Angus Prime rib. Surprisingly tough, no excuse for that. Waiter asked how I liked my meal; I was honest. We looked at menu together--sure enough, it did say Black Angus. Don't think it was the way it was cooked: provider sold bogus meat of some sort. Anyway, we were comped two desserts, and it was handled very well.

12 Bones lived up to expectations; we lunched there twice. Hubby took pictures of lines out the door both times, and of the silly grin on my face as I chowed down on 1/2 rack of B lueberry/Chipotle sauced ribs. Loved the collard greens and freshly made beet salad. We ate a second time at Tyupelo Honey on Hendersonville Rd for convenience. Not spectacular, but I did love the freshf ingreadients, the green fried tomatos, and very friendly service. I copied recipe for creamy tomato soup--and plan to make that easy tastsy soup back home.

Best meal of the trip was my lunch today at a non-chain Taquiria, La Vaquita on Hillsborough Rd
in Durham. Waitress looked at me, like, "are you sure that's what you want? " When I ordered three soft Lengua tacos. That's tongue for the uninititated. Well, seriously good. Tender cubes of tongue, ample parsley and cilantro chopped onion mix, livened up by the spicy sauces placed on the table. $8.29 for a plate that inhcluded beans and rice, which I didn't need, but at anyway so as not to be rude. I''ll go back for another one of those tongue tacos before we leave here, and plan to find some in Philly when we are home.

Than ks for your suggestions, CH's. I also liked 121 Main and Table, but we never made it to Southern.

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  1. Lengua tacos are pretty ubiquitous around here, which is a great thing! I don't ever remember seeing them in Philly, but Veracruzana may make them.

    1. sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the Admiral. Funny, the only other person I know who doesn't like the Admiral always orders steak. I think I just learned not to get the steak there.

      Btw, are you aware that Black Angus is merely a breed of beef cow? I have quite a few standing in my pasture right now, and their breed says absolutely nothing about the quality of a particular steak. It's just marketing, IMHO.

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        Lengua tacos are really tasty. They're also pretty easy to make at home, if you like to cook.

        When I can't find a main that grabs me, I order multiple apps. That strategy worked well for me at the Admirial. Actually, my problem at the Admiral was that there were too many things that jumped out at me.

        1. re: danna

          Exactly. CAB is nothing more than a certification of breed.