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Apr 17, 2011 10:33 AM

Stoneys in Oakville?

...just wondering if you have been to Stoney's in Oakville - and how did you like it.

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  1. omg I looove Stoney's! one of my favorite places ever to eat. Personal favorites are the mushroom pizza and alsacian chicken sandwich (but EVERYTHING I eat there i've LOVED). they have amazing cupcakes too..the carrot one is my favorite dessert i've ever had. really.

    1. very tasty.

      i usually get the slow roasted lamb or the rosemary crusted porkloins

      it's not a hand held sandwich, and it's hella filling

      1. Great place, great food. My go-to spot for Lunch/Brunch in the Mississauga/Oakville/Burlington area. Which it were closer!

        1. Had brekkie there twice.. amazing but large portions. The sunday breakfast has more options than the regular menu. Everything amazing, fresh bright flavors with nice fresh ingredients. And dont forget to buy the balsamic for take home. I use it on everything.

          1. Stoney's is awesome.

            It would get more CH love if it was in Toronto instead of Oakville.

            But it's definitely in the top few pizzas in the GTA for me. Up there with Danforth Pizza House, Libretto, QMP (in no particular order).