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Apr 17, 2011 10:22 AM

King's Pizza/Kabob on the Avenue in Hampden.

King's pizza/kabobs on 36th street in Hampden serves some of the best Middle Eastern food in Maryland, in many ways exceeding its best competitors, Bacchus, Lebanese Taverns, and The Helmand. The freshly baked bread and baba ganouj are by far the best that I have ever had the pleasure to consume. Once upon a time there was a Syrian gentleman who operated a Middle Eastern eatery on York road near Northern parkway who baked quite good bread of this type, but he is long gone and King's Kabob exceeds even that excellent standard. The lamb kabobs were tender and flavorful, exceeding even the quite good standards set by Maiwand Kabob and The Helmand. The prices are very reasonable and those who enjoy this type of food would do themselves a true favor by going to eat there at their earliest possible convenience.

King's Pizza Express
907 W 36th St, Baltimore, MD 21211

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  1. Ate there again last night night. Had a chicken kabob, and it was delicious, charred on the exterior, moist on the interior, with flavorful yet not overpowering spices. Served on a rice pilaf, with a side dish of delicious sauteed spinach/saag, made from fresh spinach and with a very nice flavor.

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      The chicken schawarma at King's Kabob is excellent, and it is served with delicious freshly baked Middle Eastern bread.

    2. I'll add it to the list. I'm a big fan of Middle Eastern. And Hampden could use a little redeeming after the horrific meal we had at Asian Taste.