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Apr 17, 2011 09:11 AM

Seed Sprouter Advice Needed......

I had one years ago. Would like to start growing a variety of sprouts once again. Is there a better way of growing sprouts other than using a small commercial plastic container. After reading many comments on various sites, it seems they all have a tendency to clog. Are too small and also too short. Have read suggestions about using Bell jars and cheese cloth. Can they be grown in flat trays , in dirt, outside? Please help. If there's a place for info on's here. Thanks!!!

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  1. I'm a jar and cheesecloth grower. I just have never spent the money on a dedicated sprouter. I use quart/half gallon jars with cheesecloth held on with a rubber band for most sprouting but on rare occasions when I want large quantities I'll use a gallon jar. I just rinse and drain the sprouts right through the cheesecloth. The only time I take the cloth off during the process is if it gets clogged with hulls. Then I rinse off the hulls, squeeze it out and put it back on.

    1. I've used the same method as Morwen since the late '70's, except I use a piece of clean pantyhose material rather than cheese cloth.

      I haven't sprouted larger beans/seeds - just mainly alfalfa, radish, salad mix items.

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        Thank you both for the info. Back in the 70's my Dad used to sprout mung beans for cooking out of his Joyce Chen cookbook. Years later, I began to sprout other smaller seeds in a plastic "sprouter" but found it too small. I will most definately use the method you both suggested. Why not be frugal when you can? Thanks again.