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Apr 17, 2011 09:11 AM

Nassau County Pub/Grill Dinner?

Looking for a place that 14-16 people can eat, drink, laugh for a few hours to celebrate a birthday. Best recommendations appreciated. This is for early June, so comment away until late May :)

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  1. How about the Black Forest Brew Haus (a brewpub); inside Suffolk, but just barely:

    Black Forest Brew Haus
    2015 New Hwy, Farmingdale, NY 11735

    1. Black Forest is a great rec. The St. James in Mineola also might fit your bill.

      1. Mim's is always a good choice. They have a location in Syosset and Roslyn.

        1. do you have a perference as to where in nassau?

 they have garden city or bethpage

          barefoot peddlar on glencove road in greenvale
          willy parkers in williston park on hillside avenue
          cantybury ales in oyster bay

          1. Runyons
            3928 Merrick Rd
            Seafood, NY 11783