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Apr 17, 2011 09:06 AM

Easy tomato soup without seeds: can you help?

I need to come up with an easy recipe for tomato soup without seeds and not sky-high in sodium.

I just opened a can of diced tomatoes hoping not to see any seeds, but yes, there were a few.

Canned tomato soup and tomato juice would have too much sodium.

I am wondering if I could do something with prepared spaghetti sauce. Yes, probably too much sodium.

Does anyone have a suggestion? I don't have time to seed tomatoes!

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Do you have a food mill? Or you could put the canned tomatoes through a strainer.

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    1. re: AdamD


      I don't have a mill; I have the conical strainer (can't think of the name), but I don't have the time/ engery to press through a strainer. I need an easier solution.

      Thanks for your reply.

      1. re: laredo

        Alright, then perhaps try tomato puree that does not have other seasonings added and an acceptable sodium content.

    2. There is at least low sodium, and perhaps no salt, tomato juice and V-8. What about tomato paste?

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        I will double check; the last time I looked I couldn't find low sodium juice or V-8. There are only two grocery stores where I live, one a Walmart, and neither have many specialized items.

        I wondered about tomato paste. Do you think I could use tomato paste, chicken broth, sauteed onions???

        Yes, tomato puree would be great. I think I have the same problem as with the juice. No low sodium available, but I will certainly double check on that too.

        It doesn't have to be quite low in sodium, just not ridiculously high. I would be very happy to find 350 mg per cup.

        Thank you very much for your replies!

        1. I think you may need to look/read more carefully when you shop. Nearly every canned tomato product available these days comes in low-sodium versions, including tomato juice, puree, diced, etc., etc. Heck, even V-8 vegetable juice comes in low-sodium, including a low-sodium version of their "V-8 Spicy", which I LOVE for Gazpacho.

          As far as seeds, although I haven't found any in the regular brands of diced tomatoes I buy, you don't need a food mill. Just press the tomatoes through a regular cheap metal mesh strainer.

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          1. re: Breezychow

            My supermarket does have some low sodium products, but not tomato puree. I didn't have time to check the tomato juice, but the last time I did, there was no low sodium of any of the tomato juice products. I will look again.

            There are two supermarkets where I live. One is a Wal-mart Supercenter but it doesn't stock a great variety of specialized products.

            Is your V-8 gazpacho recipe easy (really, meaning fast)? Mine is too time-consuming for my situation right now.

            What brand of diced tomatoes do you use which has no seeds? I just looked at the one I have on hand which was Glen Muir. It didn't have a lot but not feasible to pick them out.

            I made rather a crazy concoction of a can of diced tomatoes, red potatoes, leek blades, chicken broth, a little rice, and my father said it was good.

            My mother couldn't eat it because of the seeds.

            I still am hoping to come up with a tomato soup that both parents can eat.

            With each's dietary restrictions it is a challenge to come up with a varied diet with enough protein, but it is a fun challenge, and the forum has been a significant help.

            Thanks to all.

            1. re: laredo

              The only ways to be sure of no seeds are (1) put it through a strainer, or (2) use tomato paste. The strainer really doesn't take much time. Use a spoon to push it through. If you go route 2, check the labels of a variety of tomato pastes carefully. Look at the servings vs. the sodium. Don't go by "Low Sodium" stamped on the front, it means nothing. Get the one that has the lowest sodium per serving.

              The last thing I bought from Muir Glen was a can of fire roasted diced tomatoes. When I opened it, it looked good. When I poured it into what I was making, I thought at first that there was a dead mouse inside. On further inspection (after I had flung it into the sink), it was a very large piece of white unripe tomato core with little black flecks from the fire roasting. Not diced, very unappetizing, and not worth the money I spent.

              I assume that the no seeds is because of diverticulitis?

          2. Remember that not all products are labeled "low sodium." I dont think i have ever seen a "low sodium" tomato puree, but I think there are a number of brands that dont have a lot of salt-check the label. Happy hunting.

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