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Apr 17, 2011 08:25 AM

Bridal Shower in Greater Houston Area

We are looking for a location to have a bridal shower that offers full ADA accessibility and a non-spicy menu.

A private room would be ideal.

It would take place in June, so lighter fare is optimal.

Thanks for any suggestions. :)

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  1. I think that most, if not all, banquet facilities are ADA compliant these days, unless there is something specific you will require.

    As for a private room, can you give us an idea of the part of town you would prefer, size of the party, style of cuisine, etc.

    Houston is a big city and, (with a big enough budget), could accommodate five people to fifty thousand. (I assume you are somewhere in between?)

    Lots of people are here to help if you could just narrow it down a little.

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      DoobieWah - While on the search for wedding venues, we've found a large number of properties (country clubs, golf clubs, bed & breakfast type establishments) that are sadly grandfathered due to the age of the buildings. I expect that newer restaurants won't be a problem, I just added that comment because there was such problems in finding a suitable wedding venue. My future s-i-l is completely wheelchair dependant.

      What part of town - Everyone is scattered from the West side of town to north of IAH and down to Pearland. I'd imagine something more central would be ideal. In my mind, I envision the Galleria area or around Rice Village but there isn't a large collection of guests in any one area. Location is open.

      I am the bride-to-be so I'm unsure what the budget would be for the gathering. I just offered my brides maids to post here since I already had a chowhound account. I am just delighted that they are offering to make this day special for me. :)

      How many - They haven't told me how many I can invite but I'd expect somewhere around 25ish guests. We are definitely a casual bunch.

      Thanks for any great ideas. :)

    2. I wonder if Ouisie's would work for you. I have only been once, but I seem to recall there being a private room on the ground floor. I think they have other private rooms on the second floor also, but I don't know if they have an elevator. It has a gracious/genteel vibe that I think would work well for a shower, and it sounds like the menu would work for you as well. Lots of salads and lighter bites.

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        Another possibility might be the Grove. I believe it was built recently so should be compliant (although I don't know that it is for sure). They do have private rooms and could do lighter fare. Again, I have only been once so can't vouch based on vast personal experience, but it was a nice meal.

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          Thanks! I will google them both. :)

          1. re: onatrip

            Read the reviews before booking anything. The Grove is wildly inconsistent and when they are bad, they will make you cry in frustration. Just my .02.

      2. Brennan's?

        Recently rebuilt so it should be ADA compliant.

        Various rooms.

        Good variety.

        Stellar reputation.

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        1. re: DoobieWah

          Thanks so much for the suggestions. Hoping to hear back from a few places soon but recommendations are certainly welcomed! :)