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Apr 17, 2011 08:05 AM

Half Priced Wine in Fairfield County, CT?

Anyone know of restaurants that offer half priced bottle of wine specials on specific days?

I know Barcelona does every Sunday - and it's great - but we need to change it up...

Match in SoNo does too but I'm not a fan.

Anything else come to mind? Trying to enjoy a nice bottle of wine out while not breaking the bank.

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  1. Not exactly what you were asking, but Nicholas Roberts Bistro in Norwalk is BYOB, so it's a huge bargain. On occasion they eliminate their corkage fee.

    1. Elm street oyster house and 1020 post both have half priced sundays.

      1. Old Post Tavern was doing 1/2 price Tuesdays the last time I was there- good food and excellent service, too

        1. Ok..update...forgot that Penang and Greenwich is BYOB and I love their food. We went to the black duck in westport tonight and brought our own wine with no corkage. Great burgers.