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My radishes will be ready soon...any suggestions for what to do with them?

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  1. My two favorites sliced radishes on good bread with good butter, salt and pepper and braised radishes.

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      I love fresh radish dipped in softened butter with a little bit of fleur de sel, I don't even need the bread;o)

    2. After you've had your flll of them fresh and raw, I'd roast them in the oven at 400 for about 10 minutes, drizzled first with melted butter and olive oil, sprinkled with only S and P. Or sprinkle with a bit of soy sauce, dark sesame oil and sprinkle with sesame seeds (and roast).

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          They're incredible - usually I leave that type of dish for later in the season when I'm raw-radished out!

      1. Just eat them plain! I love fresh picked radishes...my tortoise eats the greens, and my family eats them within an hour or two...the small ones are left whole. This is the best time of year, before they get woody and bitter.

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        1. I like to dip them raw into sriracha sauce.

          1. Whatever you do, do not discard the radish leaves.

            You can make a lovely pesto out of them.

            1. They make good refrigerator pickles. A very quick recipe is to slice a bunch into 1/4" thick rounds and toss with a tbsp of sugar and a tsp of salt and a tsp or 2 of rice wine or cider vinegar. Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. They will keep for a week, getting better each day. This makes a fairly sweet pickle. You can adjust the sugar/salt ratio as you like, but unless you find the saltiness too much, keep the amount of salt the same and increase or decrease the sugar until it's just right.

              You can cook up the greens just as you would kale or chard or any other green. They are rather bitter, so I like to mix them with other greens.

              1. Thinly sliced radishes, endive, and fennel make a lovely salad.

                1. watch Iron Chef American battle radish, new this week.

                  1. You can also make tempura (keep the leaves on) with the smaller ones. And there's always jello.

                    1. The episode of Iron Chef that was on this past Sunday night had radishes as the secret ingredient. There were tons of interesting ideas, including making a pesto type concoction from the radish tops. It is probably possible to find the episode either in repeat or on the internet.

                      1. Radishes are a totally underutilized food. Here are a few ideas:
                        1) Stuffed Radishes. Mix goat cheese, yogurt, dill...
                        2) Jacques Pepin's Radish Toast appetizers.
                        3) Roasted. Asian with soya and toasted sesame seeds, or, French with brown butter and lemon.

                        Google these to get recipe or I can provide. Also try finding (or growing) the delicious, milder, longer, white tipped French Breakfast variety.

                        1. Very jealous of you. Our radishes are still in the package. Don't know if we will have any this year since it's so late to plant. We've had so very much rain and are hoping to plant this weekend. But it may rain tomorrow! I've never had too many radishes to worry about. Usually our lettuce and green onions are ready too and that makes for a lot of wilted lettuce at our house. My husband and nephew pick them out of the garden,knock the worst of the dirt off them and sit on the patio and chow. They can go through a lot on a nice evening.
                          I've heard things before about eating the leaves and I just can't imagine it. The first thing I do is whack those things off and get rid of them. Just handling them makes my hands and arms red and itchy. I cut them off and then wash quickly and well with lots of soap and warm water.