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Apr 17, 2011 07:07 AM

Seeking good basic rice cooker with no warmer

Well, our 25 year old rice cooker has seen its last day and we need a new one. Its a brand I never heard of before (National?) and my husband acquired it many years ago, long before I was in the picture. What we like about this cooker is its simplicity--medium capacity (cooks 4 cups dry rice to make 8), no frills, one non-digitally programmed button and no warming feature (we usually want the rice to cool for making sushi). Does such an item exist anymore? I've been looking and I am getting overwhelmed by hundreds of options out there on the net. Panasonic looks like it might have some simple cookers but I have not yet seen one without the warming function. Zojuroushi has an impressive line but far more rice cooker than we need. We want one that can handle cooking up to 5 cups of dry rice to make 10 and one that would work well if we wanted to use just 2-3 cups of dry rice. Definitely no digital features. We don't need one that multitasks--just want it to cook rice. Thought I'd pose the question to you all, thinking someone out there probably has an idea or two. Thanks!

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  1. National=Panasonic. The basic Zojirushi models are old school and bomb-proof. No bells, whistles, GPS, 4G compatibility, or 1080p video. Check these:

    1. Our Zojirushi has lasted well over ten years and has a zillion functions.
      On the other han, we have one National brand. It is he same red one-lever model you see in many Chinese-American homes. Fool proof and almost no moving parts. Get over to an Asian supermarket and look. Not flashy, but effective.

      1. I don't understand why anyone wouldn't want a warmer feature. It's one of the best things about rice cookers. Set it, forget it ( other than fluffing the rice when it's done) and the rice is waiting at the perfect eating temp for hours so no worries about it it being ready when the rest of the meal is or if someone is late.

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          Usually, when we make rice, we either eat it right away or we're are making sushi and we want it to cool. I guess we could just unplug it.

          1. re: liveforfood

            I just hit reset and leave the lid open when I want the rice to cool.

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              I don't need a warming feature. We don't let the rice sit around in the pot anyway.

              My old Panasonic rice cooker was great, but the one my son has sux rox. If it's plugged in, it's ON. There is no way to turn it off except to unplug it. If it's not on the cook cycle, it's on the so-called "warm" cycle. That means bad things if I forget to unplug it (and I'm getting on in years and not always as rememberful, to coin a term, as I ought to be). Plus, as with every other rice cooker with a "warming" cycle, it turns the rice on the bottom brown and crusty after not too long. Most rice cookers are made with this "feature" these days. I'd rather not have it as I don't need it and can't turn it off.

        2. I love my Tiger Rice cooker ( Simple to operate, easy to clean, and available in many sizes and functionalities.