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Apr 17, 2011 05:54 AM

A little love for Lineage

For some reason even though we have lived in Coolidge Corner for three years now we had only been to Lineage once. Anyway, we finally got back there last night and had a really nice meal sitting at the bar. We loved watching most everything come out of the wood fired oven. We enjoyed sharing lamb confit pizza, gnocci with artichokes and pan fried trout with almonds. The service was friendly, the food was great and we really enjoyed ourselves. Feel like it doesn't get much love/attention here (and from how packed it was last night it doesn't seem like it needs it) but wanted to share our experience. Also, for quasi fine dining it felt reasonably priced.

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  1. Always wondered about that place, my wife works in Coolidge Corner, and when I pick her up I have seen the joint, but haven't heard anything about it either. Thanks for the heads up

    1. Could not agree more! Great service and food. I just wrote a review of Lineage for the Brookline Patch, here are some excerpts:

      After relishing the house rolls, an almost brioche-type affair with a few fat flecks of salt on top, we started with the Duck Confit Rillette ($11). Akin to a charcuterie platter, the main attraction on this plate is an excellent pate of shredded duck confit; lightly dressed watercress, pickled red onions, grainy sharp mustard, and a few slices of lightly grilled sourdough round out the plate. Cousin Mark’s Crisp Maine Sweet Shrimp ($11) are as fresh as you might expect, if you knew that there actually is a Cousin Mark, and he actually does catch and deliver much of the shrimp and lobster that Lineage serves on a daily basis. Small, breaded and fried to crispy perfection, and served with a flavorful lemon aioli, these shrimp are only in season for a short time, so catch them while you can—the menu changes daily, and these are disappearing soon.

      Fresh and briny Island Creek Oysters, served with cocktail and mignonette sauces, are normally $2.50 each, but $1 apiece at the bar from 5 to 7 each evening. Seafood is one of Lineage’s strong points, and if you’re seriously in the mood, opt for the seafood tasting ($38, wine pairing an additional $12), currently a three course menu of salmon tartare, Duxbury Littlenecks, and brioche & Dijon crusted haddock. (Keep an eye out for the twice-annual lobster tasting menu, too.

      The Grilled Scottish Salmon ($23) offered a precisely cooked, supremely tender filet protected by a crackly crust, which beckoned lustily from a bed of pearl pasta, chantenay carrots, English peas, and ginger vinaigrette. A Spiced Flatiron Steak ($26), though chewier than expected, delivered a marvelous palate of flavor accompanied by roasted baby potatoes, mushrooms, “melted” leeks, and a green herb sauce.

      Lineage saves the best for last; dessert might have actually upstaged the entrees here. We savored a luscious, eggy brioche bread pudding with tart meyer lemon curd, and a smooth, almost fudge-like chocolate pot de crème, both sadly absent from the ever-changing menu now. Try instead the pineapple upside-down cake with a novel tarragon anglaise ($8), or the complex flavors of an old favorite, butterscotch pudding served with whipped cream and candied pecans ($8).

      The full review and pictures are on my blog, The Four Seasonings:

      1. Food is good, service is pretty good. But somehow, I'm always the youngest person there, and I'm not at all young. Not sure why it doesn't attract under 40's.

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          We are in our 30's and there were actually plenty around our age there last night -- incl. some babies on the early side.

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            That is funny and you are right. I felt young in that dining room. Golden Girls. Sat next to a group of them. The food is nice but compared to the food at Island Creek Oyster Bar where he oversees the kitchen it cannot compare.

            Island Creek Oyster Bar
            500 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215

          2. We go to Lineage two or three times a year, usually sit at the bar, and are always pleased with the food, drinks and service. The Maine shrimp was a great dish, as well as a preparation of artichokes, and the pizza we had (as well as a dozen delicious oysters). I'm over 40, but the last time we went, there was a lively group of folks of different ages enjoying the bar. A great place that doesn't always get the love it richly deserves.

            1. We eat there about once a month or so and never have had a bad meal. In the cooler months (perhaps that season is ending soon), the pizzas and other foods coming out of their brick oven are rather good, and they always have a small but decent selection of vegetarian options. The crowd at the bar is definitely on the younger side, but there are definitely younger tables on the floor.

              Moreover, their bartending is rather good. Some drinks that we've had there: