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Apr 17, 2011 05:12 AM

Cheese fondue in or around MTL?

I just had a family dinner yesterday of fondue. Very tastey but was wondering if there was a good cheese fondue out there somewhere. I had it a long time ago at a swiss place in T.O. but dont know anywhere in MTL. Maybe my fellow chowhounders can help me out again.

Bye the way thanks for the rec of Le Grain de Sel, it was great.

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  1. Fonduementale on Saint Denis.

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    1. They sell two different freshly-made cheese fondues at Fromagerie Hamel, if you want to make your own - it's quite easy, and these mixes are better than any fondues I have found in restaurants here.They are simply grated cheese, nothing else - you add cornstarch, wine, kirsch, etc. as per the directions, and heat in a fondue pot. One of these is a classic Swiss cheese mix, the other is Quebec cheeses (Alfred and Comtomme, if I'm not mistaken). While I prefer the Swiss one, both are good. They are in bags in the central refrigerated unit at the Atwater location, and usually on the counter at the Jean Talon location.

      1. I've never eaten there, but Alpenhaus comes to mind, a relic on the Montreal restaurant scene.

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          Do not under any circumstances go to alpenhaus i dont know how the place is still open but it is horrible... im sure if you search previous threads on it you will find more details . I have eaten there and it was a huge rip off and frankly i felt the place was dirty.

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            the thread is : start reading the review on sept 28 2010 by anachemia

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              Maybe Gordon Ramsey will fall in love and buy it?

          2. La Fonderie on Rachel.

            Somebody already mentionned Fonduementale. But i wouldn't say they are the best in montreal but they are good. I find it overpriced though, for what it is.

            4325 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2J2K9, CA

            La Fonderie
            2133 blvd Le Carrefour, Laval, QC H7S 2J7, CA

            1. There is a beautiful fondue restaurant at 1487 St Catherine East near Papineau, it is called TOUT FEU TOUT FLAMME The ambience is beautiful. They have a small salad bar and the cheese fondue is great. I had also the filet mignon fondue which I loved