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Apr 16, 2011 09:31 PM

Suggestion after Please Touch Museum - with kiddo of course

Hi there - We are making an ever so brief stop in Philadelphia on our way to DC from Albany. Our main goal is to break up the drive and enjoy the Please Touch Museum with our 5 year old. We will be looking for a very light early dinner in Philadelphia or someplace no more than an hour or so south. Any suggestions?

In addition to our 5 yr old, we'll also have our 6 month old with us, so we need some place that is not fancy. And we wont want to add to much more time to the trip, so we definitely need something along the way.

Perhaps this is an impossible quest, and we should just each sandwiches in the car, but if there is someplace worth trying, I'd love to know about it. Thanks

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  1. You might find this thread helpful. I think the Philadelphia Chinatown would be a good bet. And then you could get right back on 95 as its very close. The thread below lists several options including the Vietnam and Vietnam Palace restaurants. I do recall someone commenting that one of the two didnt have high chairs, so you might want to call ahead but definitely see families in both restaurants all the time, its good food and won't break the budget.

    1. Choices for dinner will be somewhat dependent on which day of the week you will be passing through. The Centennial Cafe, located in Fairmount Park just across Belmont Ave from the Please Touch, is open until 6 on weekdays but only until 4 on weekends. Menu is informal and a bit limited; they have basics like PB and J and grilled cheese as well as more substantial sandwiches. Mama's is about 10 minutes away on the suburban side of Belmont Ave, serving great pizza and cheesesteaks; only open Wed-Saturday. Either of these would mean a minimal detour and no problem with parking. If you want more of a complete meal, try Franco's in the Presidential apartments, which is on Route 1 (City Ave) just before the entrance to the Schuylkill Expressway (aka Rte 76). Great gnocchi, eggplant parm, veal dishes, pizza, etc.
      (BTW, depending on the time and day of the week, you might find it quicker to head south on Rte 1 to 676 to connect to I-95 rather than taking 76, where the traffic can be at a standstill if you're there at the wrong time.

      1. I would nor detour to city ave/belmont ave --esp. since there is nothing great there. that could add 30 minutes. I agree with the suggestion of chinatown. you have to go that way to get back to 95 and it is 5 blocks from 95S so you won't have to detour at all --and there are many places in chinatown that are kid friendly. i'll say Charles Plaza b/c my DH is a vegetarian and charles plaza doesn't do meat--they do have chicken and they have lots of "fake" soy options and noodles for kids and soups --and the owner Charles Chen is almost always around (he will welcome you back and say he remembers you even if it's your first time) but his desire to please/cook anything you want is sincere. and the food is tasty. also chinatown fits your "quick meal" request, easily

        1. Chinatown is a good call, but you could also get sandwiches for the car--the best sandwiches in Phila. Paesano's on Girard Avenue is not far out of the way at all and is great. Though they might be a bit messy for the car.