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Apr 16, 2011 08:31 PM

Tomatillos in Calgary

Does anyone know where I can get fresh (husk on) tomatillos in Calgary? Just returned from Mexico City and I'm already jonesing for salsa verde!

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  1. I saw them at the Kensington Safeway - maybe 2-3 weeks ago. They might bring them in on a seasonal basis...but Superstore would be another good option to try. Cinco de Mayo is closing in. Ole!

    1. they have them at pretty much any grocery store, although they come and go so you have to just kinda go and look.

      1. Just saw them yesterday at the Keynote Sunterra.

        1. Just saw them at Co-op midtown yesterday.

          1. I've seen them at Superstore in Deerfoot Meadows.