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Apr 16, 2011 10:48 AM

Banh Mi in Denver

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I must try one of these. I first heard about them on CH. I asked a Vietnamese friend about them and she said it is pronounced Baaaang Meeee which was a little awkward, but anyway she said it means bread but refers to the sandwich as well. They haven't really become popular in the middle of the country (Denver) yet but she said they have them at the Pacific Ocean Market which is pretty close by. I like pate pretty well. Are there any recommendations as far as a good one to try for my first bahn mi? I may make a field trip this weekend!

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  1. Loren, there is a great bahn mi place at 555s. Federal. Just had lunch there yesterday. Had the
    BBQ pork and noticed that they had pate on the menu board. I hope to try it next time.

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    1. re: paul balbin

      Ah I forgot about all the great Asian places on S. Federal. I live on the outskirts in Broomfield so I don't get down there much. Thanks for the tip!

      1. re: LorenM

        It's worth the drive. Check out the Pho place which is the first door to the right of the Pacific
        Market at 120th. and main in Broomfield. I recommend the Bun Bo Hue.

      1. 52 posts on banh mi--

        Despite the proliferation of banh mi in Denver, I cannot find any decent vegetarian versions. Any leads would be welcome.

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          bakers palace has one with fried eggs instead of meat for vegetarians.

        2. Ba Le sandwiches on federal and mississippi is hands down the best in denver. They bake the bread in house, and they are cheap and warm and perfect. And they are all served and made by pretty girls. its a little piece of heaven.

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          1. re: bens

            bakers palace banh mi are better than ba le. i used to be a ba le girl until i tried bakers palace. its up federal a little further, same side of the street. they also have excellent iced viet coffee. better bread and better/more filling. the bbq pork is the bomb.

            1. re: bens

              ba le gets there bread from bakers palace and the viet bakery in far east center. they dont bake their own bread. i asked them.

            2. Hi Loren, Try the Banh Mi sandwich at Zink Bar & Kitchen in Greenwood Village. It's really quite excellent.